Targeted Investment Neighborhood (TIN) Launch

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Meeting Minutes of the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association


The mission of the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association, through its programs and projects, is to embrace and foster a sense of belonging and common purpose, in order to create a neighborhood that is beautiful, diverse, secure, and fun for everyone!


Raymond started the meeting at 10:15 a.m. He said he would like to start meeting in the future immediately at 10 a.m. based on neighbor complaints about meetings starting late. Neighbors introduced themselves and where they lived.


1.    Milwaukee Police Department - Regarding Shot Spotter, and other updates regarding the Martin

Drive Neighborhood Association

Officer Brown and her partner gave a report for the neighborhood. Crime in the area has been very low while there have been concerns of burglaries in the Washington Heights neighborhood and added patrols in that area. A neighbor asked about multiple police officers riding bicycles. Officer Brown said they were in a training. The Milwaukee Police Department is a data driven organization that uses the data to determine where resources are needed. She reminded neighbors of tips such as locking all windows when not home, including the latch to prevent it from being fully opened. There has been one burglary in the neighborhood since 1/1/2014. Raymond said one is still too high of a number, but it is better than many neighborhoods.


2.    Update on MDNA Priorities List

Sharon went over the priorities to focus on during the summer. Raymond said these tips will go on the neighborhood website as it goes through updates over the summer.



             The Porch Light Brigade Project is still being organized, but the "how to make complaints" group work has resulted in a list of recommendations on how to handle three specific problems that might come up between neighbors. (They are attached to this email.) There is still work to be categorizing complaints. Raymond reported on the many ways MDNA connects neighbors electronically. (See item three below.)



               "Identifying properties with unsupervised children" will need attention over the summer as longer days will probably expose these areas. This will be discussed, if needed, at the August meeting. "Identifying properties in need of repair" can be a part of the work being done to promote the TIN Loan program. The survey being done by Brian might be of some help also.



               Because of the "Youth Committee/Youth Involvement" a small group of us have been involved with the small Excel High School on 46th and State. Their curriculum is built around student projects, so they need adults to act as "audiences" when the students present these

projects.  Neighbors will be alerted when this comes up and asked to participate. Two neighbors are helping develop a garden bed hoping to involve students in the growing of vegetables as an entrepreneur project. More work will be done on forming a youth advisory group over the summer. The final goal of establishing a "Neighborhood Car and Foot Patrol" is a sensitive one, but an evening walking group could be formed. This type of "patrol" was very helpful when there were problems years ago.


3.    Martin Drive Communication - Different types of social media, and explain more about "Next

Door" the new media

Raymond explained that is a good website to address two problems neighbors have thought of over the years.

A.   Neighbors wanted a place to go to go read local recommendations for people who can fix a problem at their home. The neighborhood website is not an appropriate place because the association cannot endorse contractors. Nextdoor is a good website to ask and get recommendations.

B.   Neighbors wanted to receive urgent text messages when something needs to be communicated immediately. Neighbors can login to Nextdoor and subscribe to this free service by adding their cell phone number. 


Sharon asked if Mike or another neighbor did research on moving the voting location from the Milwaukee Public Schools Administration Building to the Washington Park Senior Center. No research was done. Sharon asked what neighbors thought. Neighbors stated it would be more convenient. A motion was made by Jim Fiala to charge the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association to research having the Washington Park Senior Center be the voting location instead of the Milwaukee Public Schools Administration Building, seconded by Jerry Burns. Motion Passes. 


4.    Organizing with Excel High School

Charlotte stated that neighbors have not complained about the students attending Excel High School after a relationship began between the school and neighbors. Teachers walk students to the bus stop after school or follow them in a vehicle. There are a number of activities that neighbors can help the school with. They started a community garden.   


5.    Summer Events -  call for Volunteers

Raymond said that there are a number of activities throughout the summer months. Volunteers will be contacted via email and flyers. The Rummage Sale will be in July.  Sharon suggested having a two day sale.  Friday from 1:00 to 5:00 or 6:00pm to catch the folks coming home from work, and Saturday from 8:30 to 3:00 or 4:00pm. We will also try to arrange for a charity to pick up your "left over" items.  


6.    Fundraiser – September 26 6-9 p.m. at the Washington Park Senior Center. Sharon said that there are a number of professional acts lined up for the evening. Look for the posters and the flyers promoting this event.  Specific neighbors will be asked to sell at least five to ten $10 tickets. We will need neighbors to contribute to the Bake Sale that will be apart of this event. Much more info will be coming.


7.    TIN Report

Pat said that there was a number of applicants filled out and we are doing very well starting our TIN as compared to other neighborhoods. Pat said ten TIN applications have been turned in and one has been approved.  


This three-year program gives neighbors an opportunity to put funds together if there is difficulty.

You can Google “Martin Drive TIN” to get a brochure and a link to the Martin Drive neighborhood website. Raymond said the TIN Program was added to the Martin Drive Neighborhood website. The City of Milwaukee website is embedded on the page so the information to neighbors is always accurate.


8.    Treasurers Report and Bloom & Groom Report 

April 30, 2014 Checking account bal $ 2695

+107 Bloom & Groom orders


-241 Delta Printing for newsletter

May 31, 2014 Checking account bal 2561

      +1122 Bloom Groom sales


+  15 T-shirt sale


1 Donation

-400 Washing Park Senior Center rent

June 14, 2014 Checking account balance $ 3299


Eighty four people purchased flowers at Bloom & Groom. That was far more than in the past.    You can see flowers throughout the neighborhood. Seventeen people volunteered to help set up and sell at the event. Pat thanked those who helped as well and the many who helped with the clean-up on May 10th. She said doing these things are important. She rented to a TMJ4 newscaster recently. That person drove through the entire neighborhood and saw how nice the community garden looked. Keeping the neighborhood clean helps sell houses and finds good renters. The Bloom & Groom brought in $372 in excess of cost.  


9. Porch Light and Habitat Committee

Habitat for Humanity will be helping with a porch painting project in the neighborhood in the afternoon on Wednesday July 23rd.  Volunteers will 12-14 porch steps will be painted and the address stenciled on the riser on first floor porches. Research was also done on a porch light project. The committee reviewed types of lights and thoughts solar lights might work an electrician would not be required to install and they eliminate the need for people to turn them on.

Most people who received lights in our last project don't turn them on.  Solar lights will just go on.

However, the issue came in of who will install the lights without incurring liability of someone is hurt. The technology of solar lights is not quite perfected currently.


The meeting ended at 11:45 a.m.


Parking Enforcement – Chronic Parking Problems 414-286-8350

Be prepared to have license plate number, address, description and problem

Report at any nonworking streetlights to Milwaukee City Electrical (414) 286-3481 24/7. Be prepared to give an address and location along with the light behavior (I.e. out / on and off / blinking). 


If you believed any trees need to be trimmed to improve lighting around a streetlight feel free to contact Alderman Murphy's Office. 414-286-3763



1.  Get a phone number from a neighbor if you are coming home and want an extra set of eyes to welcome you home.

2.  You control the traffic in the neighborhood. Take your foot off the pedal and take a look as you go home.

3.  Call 911 for crimes in progress.


4.  Use your porch light – We can’t get a good description if we can’t see.

5.  Report suspicious activity immediately. Call the police at 414-933-4444, then press nine. This is good for quality of life crimes. The suspect is typically not cited or arrested when there is no victim (calling anonymously does not help). There are examples of it working where neighbors accept no excuse when a problem is bothersome.


Martin Drive Neighborhood Under the Stars Movie Series

Friday June 20th

Friday July 18th

Tuesday August 5th - National Night Out

At Sunset (about 8:30pm) enjoy a movie at our  Community Garden (46th & Vliet). Bring a blanket,  snacks, and enjoy a movie with your neighbors.


A reminder to also make sure the kids use the bathroom before leaving the house. We recommend keeping liquids to a minimum. If there is a problem with the weather, you'll get an email via by 7:30 p.m. on the day of the event. It'll also be announced on Facebook and Twitter.


The 11th Annual Martin Drive Neighborhood




SATURDAY, July 19th, 8:00 am-4:00pm

The Martin Drive Neighborhood Association will be posting signs, running newspaper ads, and internet advertising about the Rummage Sale.

1.      Get a banner for your yard by registering on or before 

    July 17th at 933-6800 or fill out the form at

     Leave your  name, address, and phone number.  

2.      Please donate one gently used (or new) item for the   Annual Meeting raffle table.  Someone will come around       on the day of the sale to collect 

3.      We are pleased to offer participants a place to donate       any unsold or unwanted “left over” items. When you       register, let me know if you are interested. 

Be a seller or shopper, just don’t miss the fun!

(On the back: PICNIC information)

Sixth Annual

 Martin Drive Neighborhood Association

Summer Sizzle Picnic

Saturday, July 26 from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM Neighborhood Community Gardens

 46th and Vliet St.

Hot dogs, hamburgers and a grill are provided. 

 Please bring a dish to pass, a lawn chair(s) to sit in,

and enjoy the best thing about your  Martin

Drive Neighborhood, neighbors enjoying community.



Remember that the way you start the conversation often determines the outcome.

SCENARIO ONE:  Your new next door neighbor works second shift and returns home about 11:30pm each night, with the radio blaring, often sitting in the car for 10 minutes or more. This neighbor’s driveway is right next to your bedroom window and you like to be asleep by 10pm. You have been increasingly awakened by the radio and are losing sleep.




Level One:  

a. Keep a record of dates and times of the troubling behavior 

       for about a week.  (This gives you concrete information from which to work.)    b. Find out what the City’s noise and sound ordinances are.  

    (Again this gives you concrete info to work from if needed.)

c.   Make a neighborly visit and state your problem.

d.  Ask your neighbor if she or he can help in solving your problem. (Be sure that you are speaking to the right person, i.e., the offending adult or teen, not just to his or her mother.)

e.   If there is no cooperation, go to the next level of communication listed below.


Level Two:  

a.    Explain that there are noise/sound City Ordinances that can result in fines.

b.    While you are trying to be neighborly, you will have to begin reporting the situation to the police.

c.     Dial 933-4444 the non-emergency District 3 number 

d.    Later, Call Community Liaison Officer, at 933-7733.


SCENARIO TWO:  The neighbor across the street rarely mows her lawn until it is very overgrown and high. As the grass gets longer, you have casually commented "looks like you'll need to mow soon," but receive no response from the neighbor. Other neighbors, who see you exchange hellos with this neighbor, have complained to you that this person is being irresponsible.




Level One:

a.    Find out what the City’s ordinances are for lawn upkeep (7 inches max height).        This gives you concrete info to work from if needed.

b.    In a friendly manner, engage your neighbor and discuss your problems with tending your own lawn and that you were worried that she might get a ticket.

e.     Offer ideas that have helped you solve your lawn problems, i.e., getting a family member to help, hiring a neighborhood kid or even a professional lawn service.

f.      Offer names and numbers if you have them.

g.    Offer your help with mowing, etc.

h.    If there is no cooperation, go to Level Two.


Level Two:

a.      Ask another neighbor to make neighborly contact with the person following the steps above.    

b.     File the complaint. 

c.      Use Video Link on and Links Page to use E-Notify. Ask neighbors for help.


SCENARIO THREE You have noticed unfamiliar cars pulling in front of the house down the street at various times of the day and evening. A person usually gets out of the car, heads into the house and a short time later emerges, gets into the car and leaves. You suspect drug activity and do not know this neighbor.




Level One:   

The Association does not recommend that a person contact anyone in a suspected drug house, but to take these steps:   

a.    Talk to other neighbors about their observations.

b.    Keep a record of dates, times, descriptions of activities, and as many license numbers as possible.

c.     Contact Block Rep for support. (Do you know how to do this?)

d.    Contact the landlord with your observations and information.

(Do you know how to find this information?)

e.     Use the Links page at to report drug houses anonymously.

f.      Contact the District 3 Community Liaison at 933-7733.