Targeted Investment Neighborhood (TIN) Launch

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Meeting Minutes of the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association


The mission of the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association, through its programs and projects, is to embrace and foster a sense of belonging and common purpose, in order to create a neighborhood that is beautiful, diverse, secure, and fun for everyone!


The meeting started at 10:15 a.m. Neighbors introduced themselves and where they live.


Captain Smith talked about the neighborhood risk assessment. He noted Martin Drive had no violent crime. He mentioned the shooting on 27th & Vliet which occurred inside an apartment building.  This was highly covered on the news and he said it is unfortunate that the media covers stories without having facts.  


When Captain Smith came to the district there were three detectives, there are now twenty detectives working in District 3 along with new lieutenants.  


Captain Smith talked about business break in at 39 Street and Vliet Street (3:50 a.m.) and a residential break in the 1300 Block of North 30th Street, between 10 p.m. and 11:00 a.m. Anyone with information regarding this incident can contact PO Scott Iverson or PO Gary Post at 935-7232. He talked about keeping Washington Park safe. These incidents and the 27th Street shooting is mentioned in the Martin Drive risk assessment because nearby neighborhoods are included.  Our neighborhood is only as strong as the neighborhoods surrounding it.    


Representative Goyke talked about how the City of Milwaukee taxpayers get less back from the State in shared revenue than many suburban municipalities. Goyke asked a few questions to demonstrate some points.  In 1970 we had 740,000 people living here. In 2010 we had 590,000 people. Since then we have increased more residents in the city along with more students attending Milwaukee Public Schools. Teen pregnancy has decreased 51%. There are good things happening in Milwaukee. Goyke is talking about Martin Drive and Milwaukee to other communities that have a negative view of the City of Milwaukee.


Goyke is sponsoring a bill helping to support the victims of human trafficking. And also put forth bills to help with housing foreclosures. Those bills were not supported by the bank lobbying and did not pass. Goyke answered a question from a neighbor on how MPS can get additional help. Goyke said that MPS is working on out competing voucher and choice schools to show the good work they are doing.


Senator Harris said that many bills passed at the state level do not represent her stand.  However, she voices here stand loud and clear on our behalf.  She opposed the bill cutting back hours on early voting. 

An emergency detention bill may be passed by the Wisconsin State Senate that will help people with a mental illness. In an instance when the person is arrested, they can get evaluation and treatment instead of just being locked up. 


Senator Harris graduated from Washington High School but also attended Milwaukee Tech High School.


She talked about how a teacher helped her complete the college application and financial aid paperwork.  Without the assistance of the MPS teacher, she would not have attended college.   A neighbor asked how the state legislature can help Milwaukee get more jobs. Senator Harris said it is important to help Milwaukee get more businesses and employment opportunities.  


Pat talked about the TIN program.  Property owners and investors can get zero interest and forgivable loans for work done to the exterior of the property, to fix code compliance issues and improve energy efficiency. One application has been turned into the City. The home owner will work closely with the Department of City Development during the program. For more information or questions on the TIN, or to get an application, please call Pat Mueller at 933-5589. This is a three year program.  Owners can work with the confidentially with the City through groups like Greenpath to resolve credit issues.  The Department of City Development can explain exactly what needs to be improved in the credit score and how to do it.  Pat wants to meet with the Program and Planning Committee to talk about letting neighbors know about the TIN, how to plan for the Victory Garden initiative and Bloom & Groom.   


A neighbor asked about a property survey. The data will be a baseline to show improvement. 


May 31, 2014 is the pickup date for the Bloom and Groom Program. Please stay in touch for more information on ordering. A neighbor asked about quantities purchased in the past. Pat Mueller said $750 of wholesale flowers are purchased, which has an actual value of $1500.


Pat said neighbors should spread the word about the nice a neighborhood we live in. There are several homes for sale in the neighborhood.  A duplex at 1309 N. 46th is selling for $46,000 and a beautiful property at 1143 N. 43rd is selling for $139,000 and could be used as a single family or duplex.  This house is in great shape, has a great view and is worth the price.  The best thing that could happen for the neighborhood is for this house to sell at the asking price.


May 6-12 is Clean & Green.  You can put things out at the cub for trash pickup. Hazardous waste is not included. We are looking for a date to have a neighborhood cleanup.


Pat said Maggie did a wonderful job on the newsletter. Neighbors clapped.


Neighbors divided up into groups to talk about different ways to improve neighbor relationships. Three different examples were used and each group worked on a solution. Notes from the group work will be shared at a future meeting.


A neighbor talked about garbage carts left on the front lawn. It is not attractive, but it is legal. The City of Milwaukee gives tickets for garbage carts left on the curb, tree lawn or sidewalk.


Sharon talked about a future fundraising opportunity to get music group together for an event in fall 2014.


Excel High School will have a gallery night Wednesday March 19th from 4-6 p.m. They are offering free driver's education for kids in the Martin Drive Neighborhood. Please contact Excel High School for more information.

April 10th, 2014 at either 8 a.m. or 1 p.m. There will be the sentencing for the individual involved in the beating of a neighbor last summer. Neighbors were encouraged to attend the sentencing.   The community impact statements written by neighbor’s impacte4d the judges and resulted in harsher sentences for the convicted youth.

The meeting ended at 12:00 p.m. The next scheduled meeting of the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association is April 12, 2014 at 10 a.m. at the Washington Park Senior Center.