Saturday, January 12, 2013

Meeting Minutes of the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association


The mission of the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association, through its programs and projects, is to embrace and foster a sense of belonging and common purpose, in order to create a neighborhood that is beautiful, diverse, secure, and fun for everyone!


NID Question Topics Summary



Background:  How did the MDNA become interested in the NID concept?


Purpose:         What does a NID do and how will it benefit our area? 

                             What can be done with a NID that we cannot do without it?


Establishing a NID: 

                         How is the decision made to apply for a NID?

                             What is the process or steps for applying for a NID?

                             Who or what would create the application?

                             What is the “term” of a NID… year, two years, etc?


Structure and Accountability:

                        How would a NID be operated?

                            How would decisions be made?

                            What are the checks and balances?

                            What are the necessary recordkeeping tasks, who would do them, and to

                            whom would they go?

                            Would it be necessary to hire someone to administer a NID and what

                            would the costs be?

                            How or when could cancel a NID?


Funding:        How is a NID funded?

                            What are assessments?

                            Who or what decides their amount, how are they to be collected, and by


                            Can the assessments be adjusted each year or during the term of the


                            Does everyone being assessed have a vote about the major decisions?

                            Explain “assessed value” and how it relates to voting power within a


                            What type of projects and/or programs can be funded by a NID?

                            Do all of the collected funds have to be spent within the first year of a

                            NID or do they “roll over” into the next year(s)?

                            Where are the collected funds held and how would they be disbursed?

                            Can an assessment be used as a tax deduction?

                            What amount of funds could be collected and would they be enough to

                            have a significant impact on the neighborhoods in the NID?


Amendments / Updates / Dissolution:

                        Can a NID be changed or adjusted after it has been implemented?

                             Can a NID be ended?                        

                           What is the process for this?

                           What would happen to the remaining funds?

                           Can the City take control of a NID if it feels that the NID is not

                           following the proper procedures?


Pitfalls and Problems:

                           What will a NID’s impact be on the MDNA?

                            Do we have enough volunteers to organize and operate both a NID and

                            the MDNA?

                           Do we want nonresidential business owners making decisions about the

                           needs of our neighborhoods?

                           Will the City be less responsive to our complaints because we already

                           have been given funds to improve our neighborhood?

                           Should the MDNA organize its own NID or join another group such as

                           The Washington Park Partners?

                           How committed is our Alderman to the NID concept?

                            How will creating a NID impact on the MDNA involvement in the

                            Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative?


Note:  The amount of negativity at the January 12th meeting, which could have been caused by the confusion and frustration with the City’s poor presentation, should be a factor in our future planning regarding a decision about a NID.


Suggested “Next Steps”:

                         Construct our own Power Point presentation (or something similar) that

                         will clearly explain and illustrate the NID concept, operation, etc. (Tom

                              Gillard, who is a “presenter” by profession, might be willing to help.)

                         Create and organize means of sharing the Power Point with the

                         Neighborhood and other concerned parties.

                         Develop a list of “pros” and “cons” for creating both a MDNA NID and

                         one with another entity.