Minutes from the September 10, 2012 6:30 pm

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association


The mission of the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association, through its programs and projects, is to embrace and foster a sense of belonging and common purpose, in order to create a neighborhood that is beautiful, diverse, secure, and fun for everyone!


Raymond Duncan, organizer of the Projects and Planning Committee, called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM.  Everyone was asked to introduce themselves and talk about any good news. One neighbor said the good work of the neighbor is being noticed by Waukesha as they work on making their own neighborhood association. Neighbors were contacted in Martin Drive were chosen to be contacted from a list of neighborhoods listed on a City of Milwaukee website because there is no association fees, diversity, and hard working volunteer neighbors working on projects.


  1. Mary Andres talked about the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association Goals from March 2009, current work and involvement (committee reports were done as goals were described):
  1. Create and maintain a strong sense of community and neighborhood involvement among residents. Neighbors talked about the success of the block clubs, block representatives, projects, working on problems together, using the Internet to connect further with neighbors and get our good news out, night time trick & treating-the commitment of adults to keep out kids safe during this night event (adults remembering how it was to Trick and Treat at Night, rummage sale (thanks Wally from Caradaro Club Pizza, see www.martin-drive.org , outdoor movies, welcome packets for new neighbors (email martin-drive@yahoogroups.com, if you need one), neighborhood summer picnic on the last Saturday in July (46& Vliet, wonderful job by Shirley, Pat and neighbors for supplies, Sharon for entertainment, and neighbors to help with setup and take down), no dues, and the Vliet Street Community Farmer’s Market.
  2. Build and maintain a livable, stable and safe neighborhood. PO Duncan talked about how crime has been very low over the last 42 days. He says neighbors should think of their home as an onion: nosy neighbors, exterior lights on, locked windows, and doors.
  3. Promote a positive image of the Martin Drive Neighborhood. Mary Andres shared some recent articles about positive news about Martin Drive, from the Little Neighborhood Libraries, to neighbors working on the Advanced Waste problem.
  4. Strengthen the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association, Mary Andres talked about the improved communication and how events are well organized with organizers using checklists.
  1. In July we spoke about the Neighborhood Improvement District, neighbors were interested in the idea and wanted to find out more about it. The vote on it moved forward today along with the Neighborhood Improvement District for Cathedral Square (we are not in it). The Neighborhood Improvement District does not have income restrictions. The earliest opportunity for this neighborhood to be involved is 2014. Neighbors will be offered to have an opportunity to be involved on a committee (Business and Finance) to help neighbors understand what a Neighborhood Improvement District is and how it works. Raymond said that neighbors will be asked to see if one would step forward to be on a new seat opened by Washington Park Partners on their Steering Committee, to help communication between Washington Park Partners and Martin Drive Neighborhood Association (Third Tuesday each month, 5:15-7:00pm, 3940 W Lisbon). Raymond said he asked Alderman Murphy for a time line for when his office will get feedback from residents in his district, so that the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association can plan also on its communication and recommendation. He explained how the neighborhood association is an added layer of protection, but not every neighbor is involved.
  2. Sharon said that the Advanced Waste problem has been on going, off and on for several years. The problem was very noticeable in July. Neighbors met with Alderman Murphy, Alderman Hines, City Department Heads, Milwaukee River Keeper, Midwest Advocates, and representatives for advanced waste. Neighbors recently toured Advanced Waste facilities and saw a new method of cleaning air via cedar chips and bacteria. Neighbors will continue to monitor air quality and will email martin-drive@yahoogroups.com when they smell a problem, so that it can be passed along to elected representatives, department heads, Milwaukee River Keeper, Midwest Advocates We-Energies, and Advanced Waste.
  3. Neighbor Concerns
  1. Liquor Store Update, a neighbor said that neighbors should contact Alderman Murphy, when improvements to the property were done illegally, and ask if the license committee was lied to when neighbors wanted the owner to agree to set standards.
  2. New 46th ST School, neighbors were concerned about students leaving the school last Friday and being on private property as they made their way to the bus stop at West Martin Drive and Highland Blvd. It was agreed that school representatives should meet with neighbors to encourage a positive welcome to the neighborhood.
  3. Ash Bore/Plants and Trees, tabled to a future meeting. It was agreed a presenter may be needed to describe the problem and what neighbors can do about it.
  4. North 44th Street Traffic, Mary Andres said that neighbors had concerns that drivers were going down the street the wrong away, a police officer stated that it is illegal to drive the wrong away, even if your house is near the intersection. Neighbors should work with one another to inform drivers before the police become involved.
  5. Wild Space Dance Company-They want to do a performance with the neighborhood. Neighbors gave permission for the Projects and Planning Committee to work out the details (no cost expected).

5. Milwaukee County Supervisor Russell Stamper, II invited neighbors to the next Town Hall Meeting with County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic, Tuesday September 18, 2012. Russell Stamper, II also talked about the new play areas in Washington Park. Supervisor Russell Stamper, II introduced, Nikiya Harris. She won the Democratic primary against 4 challengers for the Wisconsin State Senate seat to represent Martin Drive and nearby areas, and does not face a challenger in the November election. Nikiya Harris says she is here to listen to neighbors.


A reminder was given by a neighbor to be careful on what is said on email. When a neighbor posts an email on martin-drive@yahoogroups.com please be aware that it goes out to over 225 neighbors, elected officials and our Community Liaison Officers of the Milwaukee Police Department. Please be careful of the tone of an email you plan to send. Discussion is good, but please be careful what is said. We remind neighbors to take extra time to get to know one another and be helpful.