Minutes from the March 12, 2012 6:30 pm

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association


The mission of the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association, through its programs and projects, is to embrace and foster a sense of belonging and common purpose, in order to create a neighborhood that is beautiful, diverse, secure, and fun for everyone!

Mary started the meeting at 6:40 p.m.

Neighbors introduced themselves.

Mary talked about neighbors and encouraged them to be more involved. She explained that there are several reports from those committees and that there are room on those committees for more neighbors.

Matt Melendez is with Washington Park Partners. He talked about the sustainable plan. The plan was made in May 2010. He talked about 7 areas. He talked about the target area from Highland to Meineke, 31st to 47th. He showed the details of the resident led plan. There were actions on several of the items, such as the art park on Lisbon. There are planned improvements to the area around Washington Park, such as a cross walk from 43rd ST crossing Vliet ST. Matt talked about the band shell events. They grilled out to support attendance at the event. They had dialogue about the pool at Washington Park. Matt talked about the new play trail structure coming to the park. The new Helios equipment will be installed at the park. They are also looking at the health of the lagoon at Washington Park by working with MMSD and others. A neighbor was concerned about the upkeep of the statues in the park because they do not look good. Matt said he will take the suggestion back to Milwaukee County. Murphy said one statute was cleaned.

Mary added that the Vliet St. Community Market, June-May Sunday's from 10am-2pm, is part of the Wellness goal of WPP initiative. There are ongoing Market meetings that all are welcome to attend. This year's fresh produce and bakery market is expanding to include more vendors, children's activities and an EBT (?) machine for use with food stamps.

The Washington Park Partners Park Committee meet on the third Saturday of every month at the Urban Ecology Center. You can contact Matt at matt@cdamilwaukee.com

A presenter talked about the Summer Camps at the Urban Ecology Center. He passed out information to neighbors.

Maggie reported on the 44th ST. Tim volunteered to be a block representative. Maggie said that she encouraged neighbors to participate in neighbor projects and take advantage of rebates available in the area.

Murphy talked about doing what neighbors want to do with the boarded up home on North 44 ST. The city can make a decision in 30 days.

Murphy work with the hospital downtown after there was a discussion about closing the emergency room. There is a lack of primary care in this area. People then go to the emergency room. The cost of health insurance is partly to pay for emergency room care for under insured and people not insured. Murphy said that there is a food desert of quality food. He said that there needs to be more health clinics and better food options in the community. He feels strongly on having a healthy community. There was a fire. The fire at the home in the 1200 block of North of 46 ST has 30 days to pull permits and make an effort to fix the home. The city will assess triple fines after the 30 days. Murphy is working with Common Ground to help people to help fix up bank owner properties. The program is a good way to help people get into the market. There is an hourly wage and have health insurance.

Murphy will help to host a meeting in early April to help neighbors that live on that block come up with a final decision for the boarded up house on that block. Murphy can be contacted at mmurphy@milwaukee.gov

Steve said that he will have a clean up for the garden. Neighbors should contact MDNAGarden@yahoogroups.com

$4285 is the current balance for the checking account. Some funds will be used for the Bloom and Groom and Event, but all the money is returned when the flowers are sold.

Both candidates introduced themselves. Both candidates gave their reasons why they deserve our vote. They talked about their prior experience and what they would do if they are elected to county supervisor. Neighbors asked questions on the privatization of services in Milwaukee County, restoring the parks, being an accountable representative, selling the Milwaukee County Airport, and bus transportation quality/cost.