Minutes from the November 12, 2012 6:30 pm

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association


The mission of the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association, through its programs and projects, is to embrace and foster a sense of belonging and common purpose, in order to create a neighborhood that is beautiful, diverse, secure, and fun for everyone!

Mary started the meeting at 6:40 p.m.

Neighbors introduced themselves and said what they are thankful for; neighbors talked about how they felt about the recent election, guests’ positive experiences in the neighborhood, the pride of their property, the neighbors who helped to start the neighborhood association, and the value of the neighborhood. Al talked about other neighborhood associations, and the name of Milwaukee-gathering place near the waters. Other neighbors talked about the low crime rate, being able to walk in the neighborhood, and good neighbors working together despite the different political parties we support.

Sharon talked about how different members of the business and finance committee are working together get a clear message to the neighborhood on what a neighborhood improvement district (NID) is and our different options. We want to get everyone at the MDNA Meeting in January to be informed. Alderman Murphy is willing to help us inform neighbors. Neighbors wrote down questions on what they would like to know and what to tell neighbors and property owners.

Sharon talked about how we needed to be a nonprofit for continuing in the Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative.

Alderman Murphy talked about the City of Milwaukee Budget, keeping services the same; while taxpayers would enjoy a small decrease in their bill. He talked about the upcoming talks with building a new arena and where the money would come from. Alderman Murphy said it is a matter of priorities and wants the sales tax to be shared across additional counties. A new area will have higher ticket prices. Alderman Murphy wants to see where the season ticket holders live and asks if they should also share the expense of building a new arena.

Supervisor Stamper, II said that he will send information about the Milwaukee County Budget soon along with a newsletter.

Wild Space Dance Company would like to do an event with us in 2013.

Raymond said Martin Drive neighbors were guest speakers for neighborhoods in Waukesha that want to form neighborhood associations/groups. Martin Drive was selected from a group of neighborhoods in Milwaukee based on-- free membership, diversity, and inclusion. Raymond noted that it is nice to be noticed by a larger area. Please see the link http://waukesha.uwex.edu/2012/11/01/neighborhood-identity-project-october-29/

Please join in holiday caroling on Monday December 12th at 6:30pm by meeting at Raymond Duncan's House, 1260 N 43rd ST. We go around the neighborhood singing (do not worry if you do not have a good voice, I do not have one either) and then warm up with a holiday potluck back at the Duncan's house. It is a nice time to catch up with neighbors and relax during this busy time of year. We welcome you and hope to see you there.

Some cool caroling video from last year:




On the RSVP http://new.evite.com/#view_invite:eid=0192MDVWTUTCHIM52EPCEEZ27LEEGI  please indicate if you can bring something, do not worry that you have to bring something, there is always a lot :)

Raymond read information from Pat Mueller on Halloween and transactions from the Business and Finance Committee. Please see attachments.

A neighbor recommended continuing to talk to neighbors and find better methods to reach out to neighbors. Another neighbor said to watch out for pets that are outside in cold weather.

Joe Duncan passed out security tools for neighbors; three inch screws that go into the strike plate, see link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPRd9DNxi3Y Security starter kit worth eights cents was 4 3/4 inch self drilling screws for lock plate. Joe reminded us that if MPS is open and you see kids, call non emergency, 414-933-4444 and report them to TABS: Truancy and Burglary Suppression. Joe said a burglar looks at your home in one of two ways. It's either easy to get into, in other words an egg that breaks with one good wack, or it's a nightmare of alarms, diversionary tactics, and a quick trip to jail, in other words an onion. Also homes that look like they're protected get much less attention from a burglar than one that does not. Joe says it's best to think of security as rings around your home. Each ring has something in it that makes it harder for the burglar to get in your home or at your valuables. When you think of protecting your home, think outside-in. An active neighborhood block with nosey neighbors, a visible yard free of greenery that obstruct public view, secure doors and windows, home defense, and recording electronics serial numbers are examples of home layers from the outside in. Joe said you can put thorny rose bushes under bedroom windows as a beautiful natural concertina wire. He shared some safety tips and talked about the importance of lighting for safety (please see attached). The meeting ended at 8 p.m.

We had asked a neighbor to volunteer to be a Communication Liason for Washington Park Partners. Amy Peterson agreed to volunteer for this position.