Minutes from the September 12, 2011 6:30 pm

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association


The mission of the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association, through its programs and projects, is to embrace and foster a sense of belonging and common purpose, in order to create a neighborhood that is beautiful, diverse, secure, and fun for everyone!


1. Introductions

Mary Andres started the meeting and neighbors introduced themselves and where they live.


2. Alderman Murphy

Alderman Murphy says that he is running for reelection as Alderman. There was a rumor that he would run as City of Milwaukee Comptroller. Murphy announced that the city will save money by going to single bin recycling.


3. Presentation on Rebuilding Milwaukee Together -- This organization deals with issues of older adults. Last year they repaired and revitalized 155 homes.

Erin Goff said that the program addresses concerns that seniors have living in their homes. Applicants must be 60 years or older, meet income requirements, own home, and up to date on property taxes. They help with emergency repairs. They are looking for volunteers on Friday September 23 (all day) to help neighbors with the project.


4. A new Parks Play Trails will be installed at Washington Park by the end of September.  It will be located South of the pool and extend to Vliet & Highland Blvd. To see a sample visit this site.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIEyIdutw7g  


5. 44th Street Update

Pat gave an update on 44th Street. She talked about the boarded up property and working with neighbors.


6. Talk about the cleaning up email???

Al Siemson talked about keeping the neighborhood clean and putting garbage barrels behind the house after pickup. Sharon said additional cleanups will be needed in the summer.


7. Reports

  • Healthy Neighborhoods
  • Welcome Committee

Welcome packets and surveys were given to new neighbors.

  • Garden Committee

Raymond gave a quick garden update for Steve Falsetti. An email will be send out, looking for neighbors to help with end of season cleanup

  • Halloween Committee

Pat said that there will be Halloween sign up dates. The blocks for night-time trick or treating will be announced to participants

  • Newsletter Committee  --

A meeting will be scheduled soon. Contact MDNANewsletter to submit good news about the Martin drive area, or help.

  • Business and Finance Committee

$5600 in the neighborhood private checking account.

  • Rummage Sale Committee

Sharon asked if anyone still had a rummage sale banner to email martin-drive@yahoogroups.com

  • Block Representatives Committee

Sharon Williams will schedule a meeting soon. Neighbors can use MDNAReps@yahoogroups.com to contact Block Representatives

  • Movie Committee

Fifty neighbors attended an outdoor movie at the Martin Drive Community Garden, Friday August 19th 8:30pm and watched Yogi Bear. A similar family movie will be scheduled in a few weeks.

  • Picnic Committee

Shirley Drake said that the event went well and neighbors especially enjoyed the mounted police horse.

  • Projects and Planning Committee

Mary Andres said the committee will work on a clear policy to help neighbors effectively communicate with each other to continue to make Martin Drive a great neighborhood


8. Technology Introduction, E-Notify and best practices on neighborhood communication

Neighbors should watch the video posted on http://www.martin-drive.org/video.html to remember how to use E-notify and make E-Service Requests.


9. Closing