Minutes from the September 12, 2011 6:30 pm

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association


The mission of the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association, through its programs and projects, is to embrace and foster a sense of belonging and common purpose, in order to create a neighborhood that is beautiful, diverse, secure, and fun for everyone!


Amy Peterson, member of the Projects and Planning Committee, called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  Everyone was asked to introduce themselves.


Alderman Michael Murphy gave us information about:

1.      the Milwaukee Police Dept.’s Roll Call on 55th and North.

2.      the property on 44th St. that is now owned by the City and is up for sale. The new owner will be eligible for a number of grants and loans to help fix it up.

3.      the newly approved City Budget that has increased funding for street and sidewalk repairs and that has reinstated funds that were cut from the Milwaukee Fire Dept., etc.

4.      the new banks that were adding funds to the $33 million pot that would provide loans for people to purchase foreclosed homes in Milwaukee.

Questions were entertained from the members about:

1.      the uneven and dangerous sidewalks in our area. We can call his office to report

      such problems and especially to report sidewalks that have been damaged by tree


2.      the newspaper article about the awful impact of the loss of manufacturing jobs on 

      those people living in the 53210 zip code.  Murphy recognized the immediate need

      of the city government to create programs that would develop more jobs.  He said

      some progress had been made and cited the Menominee Valley growth. This

     whole problem has worsened because there are no new funds to help create


3.      the disconnect between available jobs and the skills of those seeking jobs.  Why

      should a manufacturer have to go to a southern state to hire welders?


Amy then introduced the new ListServ Guidelines developed by the Projects and Planning Committee.  After hearing the pros and cons of using our listserve for fundraising, or advertising, it was decided that this should not be allowed on the listserve, but could be posted on the Martin Drive Facebook page where last month posts were viewed 50.000 times.  We view these guidelines as a “work in progress”.  As we put them into practice, we will need to continue our discussion to help make them clearer and fairer.


Amy called for Committee Reports


GARDEN COMMITTEE – Steve Falsetti thanked neighbors for helping him this year and those that have already talked to him about the garden for next year. He felt that the list serve could be used to recruit new gardeners. . Neighbors can contact martin-drive@gmail.com to ask about the community garden and sign up. There are 3 beds available for next year. The outdoor movie held at the garden space in August was fun and well attended.  He hopes that this can be planned again for next summer. He thanked everyone for coming out on Saturday, Nov 4th  and helping with the garden clean up.

 WELCOME COMMITTEE - Lynn said that if there are new neighbors that they should contact her at martin-drive@gmail.com

BLOCK REPS - Sharon thanked the neighbors who helped with the area clean up on Sat. Nov. 4th.  The Block Reps did a great job both recruiting for and participating in this project. She apologized for the hot chocolate problem. She and the block Reps are planning to have another clean up in the spring after the snows have melted.

 BUSINESS AND FINANCE  Pat Mueller reported that there was $5923 in the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association checking account.

HALLOWEEN Two hundred thirty one registered kids and forty one treating homes participated in our Trick “n” Treating on North 45 Street. We had enough volunteers.

NEWSLETTER  Amy reported for Mary Andres that this committee would soon be meeting and that new members are really needed.


Pat Mueller then reported that

1.      the store at 3901 West Vliet will have its liquor license renewed, but the new owner

      signed an agreement with the Washington Park Partners to not sell blunt wraps.
2.  the Washington Park Partners will roll out their plan on December 8th. This is an

     umbrella organization that helps neighborhoods surrounding Washington Park by 

    helping them set policies that strengthen the area. Amy suggested that Washington

    Park Partners come to a future Martin Drive Neighborhood Association meeting to

    further explain their goals and how the Association can work with it.

   3. Westside Holiday Happenings will be next weekend. Hand outs explaining the list of

        activities were made available.


HOLIDAY EVENTS - Raymond said that red bows will be put up after Thanksgiving on the trees in the neighborhood. He will work with neighbors that have red bows and any neighbors that would like to help. Sharon suggested that he involve the Block Reps.


The caroling and holiday party/potluck will be at 1260 N 43 ST December 12, 6:30 p.m.

Sharon announced that the children’s company of the Ko-Thi Dance Company .will be performing this weekend at the UWM Fine Arts Theater.


Our next Monday meeting will be on January 9th 2012 at the Washington Park Senior Center.