Minutes from the June 14, 2010

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association

The meeting began with a welcome to neighbors and introductions. 


Committee Reports

Business and Finance  -- reported that checks had been written totaling about $1,600 for the Community Garden, Cherry Home Realty and the Summer Blooming Blocks projects.

Garden - Steve Falsetti, the organizer of the committee will soon be sending out e-mails and posting signs asking for help with the garden. 

Newsletter – The newsletter will be completed soon. 

Picnic – Shirley Drake reported the neighborhood picnic will be on July 31 from noon to 4pm at the Community Garden on 46th & Vliet.  We are looking for volunteers to help plan and especially for set up and tear down after the picnic.  If interested, either contact Shirley or come to the next planning meeting July 3 at 10am at Birdie’s café.  E-vite invitations will be sent out soon. 

Rummage Sale – The Rummage Sale will be July 10 from 9am to 3p.  Contact Sharon Williams at 414-708-8975 to sign up.

Welcome Committee -- Lynn asked if there was anyone new to the neighborhood/meeting. She passed out a brief survey and a welcome packet to the new people and reminded block reps to inform her of new neighbors so that they can be given welcome packet.


Healthy Neighborhoods Report by Pat Mueller  -- Many activities are happening in Martin Drive area:

·         Sunday August 22 -- Martin Drive Neighborhood Home Tour. The tour will start at Birdie’s Café.  Participants will tour active homes for sale through the neighborhood, see an exceptionally landscaped and restored bungalow on 45th Street, tour the Community Garden and Farmers Market.  Volunteers will be needed to welcome participants, help with a litter pickup walk and possibly mow a few lawns to make sure the neighborhood puts its best foot forward for the tour. 

·         Marketing Efforts -- A neighborhood video is being made which will use video of neighborhood sites along with sound bites from the 88.9 Radio Milwaukee Neighborhood project interviews with Martin Drive Residents.  They are online at: http://unifiedmilwaukee2.wordpress.com/?s=Martin+Drive

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Please sign up and check Martin Drive out.




New Business

July’s neighborhood  meeting will be at the Urban Ecology Center  -- The meeting will be July 12, 2010. Previously few organized activities were available in the neighborhood but now the Urban Ecology Center (UEC) has programs 6 days a week for kids to learn about the outdoors, understand nature, and work with plants. There is canoeing, fishing, snowshoeing and ice-skating at the UEC. Neighbors United for Washington Park, works with the Urban Ecology center to help restore the park. They are working on many projects and neighborhood kids are engaged in positive activities with nature at the center. Last year, the UEC planted over 15,000 native plants, planted many raised vegetable beds and are focusing on edible landscape.  The meeting will include a tour of the UEC.  The paddleboats are still available for rent. 

Local Business -- Pat explained that the bad economy is hurting small businesses and that there will be vacant businesses along Vliet Street.  Déjà vu Consignments shop will close at the end of July. Be thoughtful of any help you could offer Déjà vu as it is difficult, emotional and costly to close a business

Caradaro Pizza at 5010 W. Vliet Street, has received all of their food and beverage licenses and should open soon.     

Community Pie Project (CPP)  -- Amy Peterson, the organizer of the project is looking to identify fruit trees, raspberries, rhubarb that could be used for the project with permission of the owners of the property.  CPP will work with the UEC, United Methodist Children’s Services, a pastry chef and neighborhood kids in a commercial kitchen to make pies.  The pies will be sold at the last Wednesday night concert on August 25th.  Herbie stated that he has rhubarb and a pear tree. An artist made a logo for tee shirts to identify participants.  Amy can be reached at 750-1005 if you would like to help or donate fruit.  Pat stated that there will be 3 fruit bearing trees planted on the north end of the garden.


Projects and Planning Committee (New Business) -- Raymond Duncan reported.  The P&P Committee is looking at whether there should continue to be monthly neighborhood meetings?  A discussion followed about the feasibility of monthly meetings, versus meeting ever other month or quarterly meetings. There are charges of $75 for meeting at the Senior Center.  After discussion, it seemed the consensus was to meet quarterly. 


A motion was made and seconded to meet quarterly and to ask the Program and Planning Committee to look at the calendar of neighborhood events being thoughtful that meetings should be work to enhance and drive the events planned for the neighborhood.   Al Siemsen modified the P&P Committee to have authority to call special meetings if the need were to come up.   


The meeting adjourned and the room was cleaned at 7:45 p.m.


Submitted by Raymond Duncan