Minutes from the May 10, 2010

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association

Raffle & Door Prizes throughout the Meeting


6:00 6:30    Entertainment & Refreshments

Entertainment was done by Anakola and a guest guitarist. Anakola lives on 42nd Street


6:30 6:45    Welcome & Description of the Purpose of Annual Meeting


Sharon thanks the entertainment, pointed out the pink sheet, and read the mission statement. Sharon explained that the agenda on the screen saves paper. Sharon read the agenda items. Sharon explained that door prizes would be drawn through out the meeting. Sharon thanked Pat Mueller for her work in Martin Drive.


6:45 7:00    Introduction of Speaker Alderman Michael Murphy

Pat introduced Michael Murphy and explained his role in Milwaukee. She explained the difficult times in the past years. The City of Milwaukee managed not to lay off employees and have a surplus at the end of 2009. He will talk about the successes and the problems in the city. He is working to extend the Hank Aaron Trail (a series of bike trails). He used a power point to explain goals for the city of Milwaukee and Martin Drive over the next year. He also explained the recent history of the City of Milwaukee budget.


7:00 7:15    Questions & Answers of Mr. Murphy

Barry asked that some of his neighbors are looking for speed bumps on 44th Street. Steve asked if enforcement could help. Murphy stated that when it occurred on Hawley Road, 60% of tickets came from neighbors. A neighbor had a concern of daytime burglary and loitering. Sharon stated that the traffic around Highland Blvd moves very fast. There is a concern about parking around 43rd Street. Murphy stated that you could call parking enforcement (414-286-8350, you need the license plate of the car, make, & model)


7:15 7:30    Recognition of Accomplishments - Association Projects/Activities

Pat explained the pink sheet, and explained parts of the sheet and gave a history of the neighborhood, both past and present; she thanks the sponsors of Martin Drive projects, such as Healthy Neighborhoods, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, and NIDC.

Pat explained the Welcoming Committee.


7:30 7:45    Committee Updates

a.      Planning & Projects

b.      Business & Finance

c.      Block Representatives

Sharon explained that this would occur at the next meeting.

Sharon explained that the calendar is important for events in the neighborhood in the coming days.

7:45 8:00    Review of Upcoming Activities/Events & Recruitment of Volunteers

Pat explained that there is the bookends project. It will be at 5 p.m. police walk and ground breaking at 6 p.m.


Pat explained the blooming project 50 people would be able to plant flowers. Pat explained how this project could go further, such as helping a neighbor.


The Milwaukee makeover will be explained at a future meeting. You could get a significant amount of money, but you would need to spend $5000.

Pat explained that there would be a home tour August 22. Pat said promotion and word of mouth would be an important opportunity.

Amy stated that there is a new project called Community Pie. She is working with the urban ecology center. Amy will first need neighbors to identify trees that make fruit that they would like used to pies. Amaranth bakery would help bake the pies. The kids will have identifying shirts with Community Pies. Thursday 8 a.m. 32 & Lisbon, the south side of the street. The property has a red flag on it.


Blooming Blocks June 12th

Milwaukee Makeover

Home Tour Sunday, August 22



8:00                Adjournment