Minutes from the Aug 11, 2008

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association

We welcomed experienced neighbors tonight as well as Robert Bryson, chief traffic and lighting engineer for the City of Milwaukee Dept. of Public Works and Dave Weber, community outreach liaison for the Neighborhood Improvement Development Corp.


Loss of the bus routes will result in changes in our parking.  A neighbor brought it to our attention that we could improve the street parking especially during the snowy season by asking for help.  Alderman Michael Murphy was our contact for setting up the meeting with Mr. Bryson.  We had a lengthy discussion of possibilities for parking as well as the desired condition of our winter streets.  We also realized several problems that occur on a regular basis at 45th and Vliet and Martin Drive going to 45th.  Mr. Bryson will do the engineering work on the streets of our neighborhood and report back to Alderman Murphy.  The bottom line is the parking signs will be changed.  Hopefully, some problem driving habits will be corrected to make all of us safer including our pedestrians.


David Weber was here to address an issue with our neighbors to the east of us.  Since 2002, the Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation has overseen the use of $1,600,000 to improve the area east of us from Highland to 35th Street south of Vliet.  The neighbors are now ready to set up a group like ours who speaks to and addresses issues common to the area tenants.  On maps of the city, the area is Martin Drive Neighborhood.  We have now invited them to use the street signs that were designed for the Martin Drive Neighborhood.  We also encourage them to spend time with us in setting up their area group meeting.  We would also expect that they would be invited to attend the larger general meetings that take place at the Washington Park Senior Center.  We are grateful to Dave for respecting the energy we have expended for this area and suggesting that we could be a role model for the people in the blocks east of us.


Due to a comment made about “snow” another concern was addressed.  It was suggested that we request the city plow drivers plow the snow away from the area on Juneau between 44th and 46th down Juneau to the dead end.  The sidewalk is directly adjacent to the street in that location. We will work with Alderman Murphy on this problem to see if it can be rectified.



Wednesday, August 13, bring your rake to 46th and Vliet to spread chips

Farmers’ Market every Sunday at Washington Park from 11:00 to 3:00.

Neighborhood mosaic planters will have grand presentation on August 20, at 41st and Highland

Washington Park free swimming party for neighbors on Sunday, August 23rd from 2:00- 5:00

Harley Davidson street party is August 27th on Highland for the neighbors

Harley Davidson Parade on August 30th at 9:00 from Miller Park to Wisconsin Ave & lake

Next meeting will be September 8, 2008 at 6:30

Primary Election – Tuesday – September 9th – Get out and vote!


Neighbor’s comments:  Improvement is being seen in the condition of Washington Park due a large group of young people being given guidance by different organizations while using their energy to help.  We are grateful for this accomplishment and the neighbor’s recognition of the changes being made.


Submitted:  Maggie Blaha     August 13, 2008