Minutes from the August 13, 2007 Meeting

 of the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association


            We acknowledged the death of Larry Hartzheim, an involved neighbor in the 42nd and McKinley area.  Larry's funeral was Wednesday, August 8th.  We are still keeping Arno Klausmeier in our thoughts.

            Neighbors acclaimed the landscaping and improvements on properties at 4129 W. McKinley,

1341 N. 45th St., 1201 N. 45th St., 4314 W. Martin Drive.  It needs to be noted that the owners of 1367 N. 42nd St. continue to add and change their landscaping.  Congratulations to all the neighbors who modify and improve their properties for the enjoyment of themselves and their neighbors.  If you would like to add to this list, please send me the information.

            One of our goals this year is to add to the number of addresses who receive e mail.  It is especially helpful to keep people up to date about the activities, positive or negative in the area.  For everyone receiving this notice, please send me two of your neighbors' email addresses.  We are starting with a base of 60 addresses.

            Maggie will contact Alderman Murphy for information concerning the bridge on Highland which serves as our connection to the east.  The rumor mill is saying that the bridge will be closed for a year and a half.  Some of the neighbors also mentioned the walk light at Highland and Vliet as being way too short for walkers to cross.

            Some of the strong reasons for living in this neighborhood:

                        Good connection to transportation

                        Proximity to Washington Park and bike trails

                        Location to downtown

                        Interesting businesses on Vliet Street

                        Variety of good schools

                        Neighbors who care for one another and take pride in their properties

                        Responsive Alderman

                        Real Estate available for owner investment

            Thanks to Nelda who provided the treat for this month.

            The main thrust of the meeting was the presentation by Chairperson, Pat Mueller, concerning the Grant Implementation.  Pat and Sharon had developed three main goals to seek grant resources for this project:  Increase Duplex Ownership, Improve Housing Stock, and Strengthen Neighborhood Cohesiveness.  The report from the Steering Committee noted that three blocks have had meetings to date, July 28th - upper 45th Street, July 29th - upper 43rd St., and Aug. 4th - 42nd St. and McKinley.  We have identified a number of people who are interested in purchasing a duplex in the neighborhood and living in it, own a duplex and would be willing to talk about that type of ownership on our video, someone who is willing to help rebuild porches, and someone who is willing to work with the kids on an organized basketball group.

            To strengthen neighborhood cohesiveness it was determined that a good starting goal would be block parties supported by the steering committee.  We have many blocks still in need of someone willing to organize a party for their block.  If you are willing please contact Pat for information at 933-5589.

            Pat asked us to determine our goals for a video to be used by different groups who support strong neighborhoods.  Who is our audience?  What is the message we want to send? Where would we distribute this video?  The Steering Committee meets on Monday, August 20th at 5:00.

            Be aware that several new businesses are opening on Vliet Street including Pizza Tazzia, Meritage (the old Indigo) and DeMatia medical group.  We closed the meeting with lots of social interaction.


Submitted by:

Maggie B.  8/20/07