Minutes from the July 9, 2007

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association


Twenty-two neighbors gathered for the purpose of improving our neighborhood while appreciating the good things that continue to happen here.

We do need a number of block captains on 44th north of Juneau, 46th Street, and the westside of Highland Blvd.  Please contact me if you can help in this manner.  Requirements are about 1 - 2 hours a month to attend the monthly meeting and listening to neighbors who need help by providing information they might want.  All neighbors are encouraged to attend the monthly meeting but in particular it is beneficial to the block captains.

Our neighborhood has received a grant from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and Making Connections to support owner occupied duplexes and the beautification initiative.  More details can be found in the attachment to these minutes.  Pat M. and Sharon W. presented the details of this proposal.  This represents a ten year dream of Pat's and many hours of polishing the actual proposal.  We are grateful for the dedication of Pat and Sharon.  (Click here to read the Proposal)

Alderman Murphy enlightened us about a new link on the city website providing information about inspections of restaurants.  Check it out.  Alderman Murphy will be holding a meeting about some of the budget items including the boulevards.  Several neighbors voiced their opinions about the value of the boulevards as a quality of life issue.  He encouraged us to watch for these meeting notices and to participate in the meetings.

A healthy discussion about traffic and drivers followed.  The alderman made suggestions about improvements that could be made, some of them easily available and others which could be quite costly.  One of the hot spots is Highland at Vliet.  It appears that people will drive through McKinley and 42nd St. in order to avoid the stoplight.  Speed is one of the great concerns of the all of our residents but especially those on 42nd and McKinley.  It also appears that people are driving south on 42nd which as all of you know is a one way going north.  Alderman Murphy will request that a speed indicator be placed on 42nd Street to allow drivers to see how fast they are really going. The neighbors have shelved the idea of speed bumps at this time due to cost.  There are many drivers who are not properly licensed or even possibly unaware of the rules of driving.

            There was a discussion about the dumpsters and violations due to companies using them.

There is a large fine for the violators.  We were reminded of the difficulty that the driver has in positioning the dumpsters if there are cars parked where they expected to place the dumpsters.

The monthly neighborhood walk will take place on Monday, July 16th.  Meet at 43rd and Vliet at 6:15 to take a walk through the neighborhood with Captain Harpole, Alderman Murphy and neighbors.

Volunteers for the Steering Committee are Pat M., Sharon W., Linda and Pat D., Amy P., Al S., Karen S., Sandy W., and Maggie B.,

Light Brigade volunteers are George, Eileen and Betty on 42nd St, Highland and Vliet; Pat M. on 43rd St., Linda and Pat on 44th.  We still need volunteers for 43rd, 44th north of Juneau, 45th and 46th north and south of Juneau.

Lois and Sandy on 45th Street will coordinate the upper block party.

Tandria will volunteer to work on the Neighborhood Cohesiveness goal particularly on the youth activities.

Submitted by Maggie B. 7/12/07