Minutes from the June 11, 2007

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association


Neighbors were welcomed and we acknowledged familiar faces. 


Maggie made mention of the dumpsters that would be delivered on Friday, June 15th to four corners, NW corner of Juneau at 43rd, 45th, and 46th as well as the SW corner of McKinley at Highland Blvd.  She read the list of unacceptable materials that should not be dumped.  Hopefully, this will tide us over until the next opportunity to have dumpsters in the neighborhood which should be in July.


Pat M. had several items of interest for neighbors. 

-         Captain Harpole would join the neighbors on the monthly Monday night walk on June 18th.  Neighbors were to meet at Pat's office on Vliet

-         She showed us a possible new logo for our letterhead and envelopes.  It might also be used on the newsletter.  Neighbors discussed the possibility of using a different design.

-         West End Development would be handling the rebate for improvements up to $750.00.  Expectations seemed to have greatly changed.  Pat handed out copies of the requirements.

-         New Vliet St. businesses would be showing their wares on Sat. June 16th.

Suzy's Cheesecake has moved to Franklin.  It appears that a shortbread bakery would be moving into Suzy's.

-         Discussion was had on using Hallogen lights for front porches or high

             pressure sodium.  Whatever kind is used, neighbors are encouraged to keep

          their porch lights on each evening.

-         Quite a discussion followed concerning the accidents on the curve near Martin Drive/Highland Blvd.  Drivers need to be alert to the problem.


Maggie alerted neighbors to the panhandlers again visiting the neighborhood.  It is generally considered not a good idea to give them money.  Discussion followed.


We are once again looking for the most improved properties in the neighborhood and we can go block by block or by street if people so desire.  Send your recommendations to Maggie via this email address.


Submitted by Maggie

June 20, 2007