Minutes from the May 14, 2007

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association


Minutes from the Annual Meeting, May 14, 2007

Martin Drive Neighborhood Association


Over fifty neighbors were welcomed to the annual meeting at Washington Park Senior Center by Maggie. In attendance were people who have lived here less than a year to some who have lived here more than 55 years. 


She acknowledged Jared from Alderman Michael Murphy's office who made note of questions neighbors had with the promise that he would respond as soon as possible.  Prayers were requested for Michael's father-in-law who is ill as well as neighbor, Arno, who had surgery and is in rehab at St. Joe's.


Recycling occurs about every three weeks.  We can ask for an extra cart if one does not meet your needs.  We can only recycle plastic items marked 1 or 2 and no caps from liquid containers.


William Crystal from Advanced Waste Services listened to questions from neighbors about a slightly sweet chemical odor permeating the neighborhood.  Mike Griffin from the DNR wants to hear from anyone concerning this problem by noting the date, time and intensity of the odor (on a 1 to10 scale with 1 being unnoticeable).  His number is 414-263-8554.  Thanks to alert neighbors.


Pat introduced the speaker of the evening, Joey Zocher, from the Urban Ecology Center located in Washington Park.  The primary location began ten years ago in Riverside Park causing crime in that area to drop quite rapidly.  The goal is to use the park as much as possible.  The Center's purpose is to connect children to their environment through activities that help them develop respect and understanding of nature.  The Student Conservation Assoc. helps to clean up the park while they wear vests identifying them as junior park rangers.

Schools that are in a radius of two miles can participate in the Center's activities that take place during the school year with each group meeting a minimum of three times.  There is a Saturday morning gardening group.  Summer camps are available.  150 kids eat lunch in the park every day in the summer.  Artists in Education work with these kids.  Joey ended her presentation by urging neighbors to call her with ideas and needs.  There are presently four cooperate supporting these programs including Quad Graphics and Trinity (trek bikes).


Pat and Sharon informed us of many upcoming events.

            Shepherd Express - Battle of the Bands - July 2, 9, 16, and the Symphony on the 23rd at the Bandshell.

            Clean up of the lagoon

            Neighborhood Rummage Sale - June 16th same date as the Vliet Street Sidewalk Sale

            Backyard Garden Project has two young entrepreneurs who are looking for 4 - 5 more properties to

                        take care of,  Fred and Omar

            Growing Power visitor - Ruth Weill encouraged neighbors to participate in the weekly drop-off of

                        environmentally, sustainable food at the Center.  These need to be ordered ahead of drop-off.

            Westend Development will again support our paint and rebate program which is still in process.

            Captain Harpole from District #3 will walk with our residents on the third Monday of the month.

                        Meet at 4303 W. Vliet and be sure to be specific in your concerns.


Patrick plugged the Covenigma - 10 year anniversary of Mark Borchardt's film, Coven

            Saturday, June 16th, 5:00 at the Times Cinema - Tickets $15 includes food etc.


Thank you to all who brought snacks, beverages and perennial plants to share.

The meeting ended with door prizes enough for every address represented.  Thank you to the donors.

Next monthly meeting, June 11th, 6:30 at 1219 N. 45th Street.  See you there.


Maggie B., May 20, 2007