Minutes from the February 12, 2007

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association



Minutes from the February 12, 2007 Meeting

Martin Drive Neighborhood


Thirteen people greeted two guest speakers at our meeting on Monday.  The invited guests were Robert Rondini and Jennifer Hayas both seeking Municipal Judge positions in the City of Milwaukee on February 20th.

Prior to the beginning of the meeting there was an informal discussion about using web affiliates for the Martin Drive Website to raise some money.  It was decided that these programs, while able to generate funding would result in a need to formalize the organization.  All members who contributed to this informal discussion agreed that this was not the direction to take for the neighborhood group so this idea was dismissed.

The meeting was called to order and Robert Rondini was introduced.  He gave us a brief introduction and then discussed his previous work roles around and with government and the courts. He felt he could make a difference with quality of life issues in the courts for the city.  He found similar issues in many of the different neighborhoods after visiting with neighbors and neighborhood groups.  One of the concerns he focused on was the quality of life issues. He discussed some concerns like graffiti, speeding on city streets and neighborhoods, parking issues (mainly east side concern), alley security, and juvenile truancy and malfeasance. He stressed utilizing juvenile court and programs within that system to help turn around problem children before it was a way of life.  He said that working with the mayor, Common Council, police and other officials he hoped to make a difference as judge.

The rebate program was discussed. Pat M. indicated, unfortunately, there was little if any information about any programs this year. It also was discussed how it seemed as if getting the information about the programs was not very well organized or targeted.  The group felt it was in our best interest to write a group sponsored letter to our alderman to make sure Martin Drive was not overlooked when block grant funds are released to different organizations.  Pat M. agreed to formulate the letter and send it.   Any progress will be discussed at the next meeting.

The next guest speaker, Jennifer Havas was introduced to the neighborhood group.  She discussed the function and role of court as a non criminal law enforcement arm of the city.  She suggested that many people donít understand the process they must follow when involved in an incident.  She claimed she would try to help educate and inform people.  She said that most cases are traffic, parking, health issues, disorderly conduct and building compliance.  She vowed to work with the police department and alderman to help in the education process.  Also, she urged everyone to vote on the Feb 20th primary.

The new Martin Drive Trolley newsletter hit the streets and several of the neighbors offered to help with distribution south of Juneau Avenue.  Again the group wishes to acknowledge the hard work in gathering, layout and assembling this newsletter.  Thank you, Ada and those who helped with this effort.

Although nobody really loves to shovel snow, many commented on how nice the neighborhood looked dressed in white.  Our next Meeting is March 12 and State Rep. Tamara Grigsby will be our guest speaker.


Respectfully submitted,

David Johnson.