Minutes from the Sept 11, 2006 Meeting

 of the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association


Minutes from the September 11, 2006

Martin Drive Neighborhood Meeting


We were twenty strong again, listening to each other and making substantial responses.  Once again the weather proved to be formidable.  Nasty weather has been a hindrance for the past three of four months.

Our guest speaker for Monday was the interim organizer for West End Corp, Karen G.  West End has three main goals, Acquire, Rehab, and Sell.  These goals are evidenced in their present programs: Neighborhood Improvements, Minor Home Repairs using Block Grants, and Main Street SoHi on 27th Street south of Highland.  Karen proved to be an excellent listener to the neighbors' questions and concerns.  She promised to respond in some manner by Wednesday of this week.  The major question was the financial stability of West End.  Karen feels that there is a cash flow problem due to a poor billing system.  People who owed West End money have not paid their bills because they have not received any bills. Virchow-Krause has been enlisted to follow up on the problem.  They will be providing their services in the pro bono manner.  Karen feels that the problem can be resolved for West End resulting in a healthy organization.  Neighbors also questioned whether they were eligible to receive help with minor home repairs.

Sharon W. spoke for the recently identified group presently named the Response Team of MDNA.  There is a meeting every Wednesday night at her home on Martin Drive at 6:30 for anyone who might be willing to be a part of this group.  The goal is to utilize the youth of this neighborhood for some neighborhood activities (e.g. Halloween) and also to provide some healthy activities for our young people by having them help with the planning.  One of the past successes was a 3 on 3 basketball event which will again take place on Saturday, Oct. 14th with Oct. 21 being the rain date.  One of the young neighbors has been hired by Bob Green of Making Connections.  Many needs have been identified and will be addressed as the team meets regularly.

Mayor Barrett will be receiving a letter from the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association expressing our gratefulness for enforcing the curfew ordinance.  The letter was signed by those in attendance.  Copies of the letter will also be sent to Alderman Murphy and Police Chief N. Hegerty.

Jen V. notified us that plans are under way for the 2006 Halloween Trick or Treat night on October 27th from 7:30 - 8:30.  Pre-registration will be on Wednesdays, Oct. 18 and 25, as well as Saturday, October 21 at Heritage West on Vliet Street.  Pat M. will take out the permit for the event and Jen will call the bus company.  We are asking people to donate bags of candy for the houses that will be doing the treating.  Pat also suggested that people who have costumes no longer needed by their families could donate them for distribution to the younger kids.  These could also be dropped off at Heritage West on Vliet Street.  Jen will be contacting each house on the treating street to involve as many neighbors as possible.

Neighbor Concerns involved people going through garbage.  There were several view points.  The recyclers save the landfill sites for the stuff that really needs to be in the landfill.  But there were people who were stressed by the recyclers leaving a mess behind.  For the neighbors who meet up with the recyclers, it would be helpful to have them address the concerns.  Many of us have seen the recyclers of today pushing the baby strollers around on the collection route.  Be aware that some of the messes could be created by raccoons.  Be sure to close your carts.  You might also provide a container with your aluminum for recycling.

There was a suggestion made that Martin Drive Neighborhood Association use letterhead stationary for general purposes.  Maggie will take care of this issue.

            The third issue was the street sweeper partially cleaning our streets.  The sweeper has been observed doing only one side and only passing through once.  The challenge is that the sweeper has been observed thoroughly cleaning a neighborhood northwest of us by getting very close to the curb and coming back more than once while also doing both sides of the street.  Maggie volunteered to contact Michael Murphy's office concerning this issue.  The catch basins are being repaired.

            The suggestion was made by Jacqueline that she will invite Trina Bond from WWBIC to speak to us at the October 9th meeting.  Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation provides many helpful services to the community.

            Susan provided the neighbors with several flyers.  One was for the Medicine Collection Day at Miller Park on Sept. 16 from 9:00 to Noon at the Sausage House.  The library book sale flyers were also available.