Minutes from the July 10, 2006

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association



Minutes from the July 10, 2006

Meeting of the Martin Drive Neighborhood


Sixteen people came on one of the colder nights of the summer.  Our planned speaker was unable to come due to a family conflict.  The meeting consisted of many updates concerning activities that were in process.

Sharon W. reported that pumpkins have been planted at MULABE through the Growing Power program.  We will need to wait for the fruits of the labor of the seven home gardeners.

The $5000.00 grant from LISC has as of this writing still not become available to MDN homeowners.  This is not for lack of trying.  The money is to be handled through LAND.  We expect to have a totally different report next month.

Neighbors were reporting some frustration about firecrackers being shot off and landing on their roofs.  It was suggested that if fireworks are illegal in the city something should be done about making it illegal to sell them.  We were encouraged to contact our state representatives, Rep.Tamara Grigsby and State Senator Spencer Coggs to change the laws as an issue of quality of life.  Laws are made when the voters request changes even though it can be a long process.

There had been a drug house closed on 44th Street by our District 3 Captain Harpole and officers.  We encourage neighbors to keep an activity log if and when such suspicions arise.

Maggie gave a report on the block watch meeting she attended during the week.  Liz H. has helped organize a City Council of police squad representatives from each of the districts in Milwaukee.  Each district has a representative who will report back to the neighborhood police contacts.  Pat D. remains our contact person.  From the crime stats briefly provided by Officer Tom K. it appears that theft of vehicles is the most prevalent in our neighborhood.  Remember being a good neighbor means that you do not leave valuables in your automobiles.  IF it is absolutely necessary to keep something in the car put it in the trunk.  One of the neighbors remarked that she was aware of five being stolen in the last couple months.  This can sometimes be prevented by keeping money and items out of the vehicles.

            One of the neighbors requested that we start squads of people, and especially young people who can still bend, to go through the Park to pick up litter.  This remains a number one problem in the park as well as the neighborhood in general.  The problem being that people do not pick up after themselves or in some cases just empty their cars as they drive away.  Our goal is to have a litter free neighborhood.

            Music in the Park is available every Saturday night in July.  It is free and enjoyable at the Band Shell.  Pedal boats are also available with a reduced rate of $5.00 per person per hour.  This could be a fun activity during the heat.

            The Urban Ecology Center is providing free lessons for fishing fun for children 9 - 15 years of age from 9:00 AM.  Unfortunately, information is lacking for the days or dates.

            The diversity of people is one of the best reasons for living in Martin Drive.  Hope all of you get out and meet a new neighbor.


Submitted by Maggie B.  7/14/06