Minutes from the June 12, 2006

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association

Nineteen neighbors braved the cold weather for our first summer outdoor meeting.  Afghans and extra jackets helped some, but we were encouraged to keep necessary comments short and still accomplish our purpose.  We treasure each and every person who takes the time and challenge to join the group.  We get together each month because we want this neighborhood to be safe, friendly, cooperative and informed. 


Sharon W. gave reports on the rummage sale from June 10th and Growing Power.  The rummage sale was again successful for those who chose to participate.  We recognized how enjoyable it is to meet neighbors and to feel connected to them.  Sharon noted that there will be another rummage sale next year.  She encouraged people who are not selling to walk through the neighborhood to meet and greet. 

            Growing Power delivered composted worm casings to neighbors in seven homes who had volunteered to have their gardens participate in the program.  The selected areas were rototilled as the first step in preparing the soil.  Sharon was requesting that any young people who had the desire and physical ability to help with the gardening to volunteer by calling her.  3.5 cubic yards of worm casings were delivered to be divided by the seven gardeners.  We will be watching the success of this program in our neighborhood and at MULABE, the school on 46th and State.


            Kathleen Stacy from Milwaukee Public Theater introduced a new activity to us for Saturday, August 19th in Washington Park.  Kathleen is working with many groups of people to make this event a pleasurable experience for all the neighborhoods surrounding Washington Park.  Initial marketing information states that there will be free, fun and family-friendly activities and events for the WP neighbors.  Neighbors made good suggestions and comments to assist Kathleen and her team in planning this program which is for all neighbors, not just families.  Watch and listen for more information as the team finalizes their plans.  Volunteers will be needed once confirmation of activities is completed.  Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 19th from Noon to 5:00 PM.


            Pat M. reminded us that there will be a paint and rebate program.  She will contact Leo Ries's office for start-up information and Maggie B. will contact Alderman Murphy's office for general guidelines.  (Note:  As of today, June 20th, Natasha informed me that the grant money will be available from the financial branch of LAND by Thursday, June 29th for paint and repair work.)  Pat is waiting for the application form.


            I suggested that neighbors contact our county supervisor, Lee Holloway, about any of their questions concerning the health of the county budget.  Some ideas that you might be concerned about are the parks, the transit system, mental health issues, the portion of the court system dependent on the county budget, and ideas for saving county money.  The County Supervisors cannot make decisions for their constituents if their constituents do not share their opinions properly.


            Neighbor concerns are the fireworks that have been going off since Memorial Day.  These are illegal.  You are encouraged to call the police but remember to have available addresses and/or names.


Sharon reminded us that part of the walking team has already met with Captain Harpole and Alderman Murphy on June 6th for a check on the pulse of the neighbors on 43rd.  She reminded us that we need to set up a team for each street who will walk on their street frequently around 8:30 - 9:00 throughout the summer.  Captain Harpole has encouraged other neighborhoods to use this idea of building community by becoming aware of who our neighbors are.


July 10th meeting, our speaker will be County Supervisor Lynne DeBruin on the park situation.

Submitted by Maggie B., June 20, 2006