Minutes from the May 8, 2006

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association



Martin Drive Neighborhood Annual Meeting Minutes

May 8th, 2006


With the help and generosity of Harley Davidson, we were able to have wonderful accommodations for our annual meeting.  (You may remember that the Washington Park Senior Center is being renovated with a new heating and cooling system.)  Tony Shields, as Harley's representative, met our needs and heard our aspirations even providing us with a door prize.


Seventy-two people signed in to be energized by Sharon Adams of Walnut Way sharing their success story using Will Allen's Growing Power program.  Sharon graciously shortened her presentation when she realized that Mr. Allen had himself come to address our neighbors.  The secret is in passionately believing in people who need good healthy food to eat, who need meaningful activities to become productive citizens, who need each other as neighbors willing to accept differences in culture, style, and food.  We have hopes that by uniting with Milwaukee Urban League Academy of Business and Economics (MULABE) and our own young people, we will see the start of something great in our neighborhood.  The Growing Power program with Will Allen is located at 5500 W. Silver Spring Drive.  You are welcome to check this out on your own, offer growing space in your backyard, or walk around and see you else is in the process of using the program.


We were reminded that Jazz in the Park will return to Washington Park this summer with five concerts.  But the real excitement is the return of the Milwaukee Symphony on

June 17th.  This is a first after thirty years of absence.  We would encourage everyone to bring your lawn chairs and enjoy our wonderful Symphony Orchestra.


We were winners with many door prizes due to the generosity of our neighbors and businesses.  Once again neighbors shared their over abundant plants.  Everyone is helped in that situation.


Our goals are to be respectful of our neighbors especially concerning noise in the summer and eliminate litter.

If you have the fortune of realizing new neighbors are moving into your block, do welcome them by telling them about this organization and/or asking for a welcome packet to give them information about us.


Maggie B. 5/22/06


Mark your calendars for the upcoming events.

June 9 -10th - Martin Drive Area Rummage/Garage Sale

June 10th - Garden Party - Sidewalk Sale Merchants of Vliet Street from 43rd to 60th & Vliet

June 12th - Monthly meeting at 1219 N. 45th Street  Bring a chair and meet your neighbors.

June 17th - Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra - Washington Park

July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29th - Jazz in Washington Park at 6:30

July 10th - Monthly meeting at 1219 N. 45th Street  Bring a chair and meet your neighbors.