Minutes from the April 10, 2006

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association


            We had a very busy meeting with much to discuss with Alderman Michael Murphy and Supervisor Lynne DeBruin.  We also received a survey from Representative Tamara Grigsby requesting that as many as possible fill it out the old fashioned way.  I still have copies for those of you willing to participate, just email me or call and I will get a copy to you.


Alderman Murphy's responses to questions are bulleted to conserve space.

        Hawley Road project will be completed to open the first week in July.

        Four alderman including Alderman Murphy are in favor of some type of smoking ban but it does not appear to be a favorable item for the Common Council at this time.

        Pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks and drivers should be mindful of their speed.

        Highland Bridge will be replaced but Alderman Murphy will notify us when this will happen.

        MMSD is encouraging us to disconnect the downspouts.  Rain barrels are available.  Worry is about the possible icy conditions in the winter.

        Economic development in our neighborhood area received grant money for outside work such as O'Brien's new windows and the shops along Vliet Street.

        Alderman Murphy is working with Mayor Barrett on the Research Park near the Veterans' hospital.

        Two positive employers in the valley will be Manpower and a major laundry business.

        WI-FI pilot program with free internet service will have 50 websites including neighborhoods.


Supervisor Lynne DeBruin needs to hear from us about the Washington Park Pool renovation. 

        One idea is to have a medium aquatic center about half the size of the Greenfield Cool Waters with depth from 0" slowly getting deeper to regular depth.  This concept would include water equipment and would cost about $5.5 million.

        It would cost about $3 - $4 million just to close the pools and eliminate them.

        Another suggestion is to build a Family Water Playground one to two feet deep at the cost of $1,000,000 with 1/3 of that cost tearing out what is there now. 

        A large north side Cool Waters would cost $11,000,000.  Suggestion immediately was to ask for corporate sponsors.  But Lynne needs to hear from the neighbors what would make them use the park facilities.


Our Annual Meeting will be May 8, 2006 at Harley Davidson Auditorium on 38th and Juneau at 6:30.  Entrance requires picture identification.  It would be extremely helpful to:

        Pre-register by filling out the form and dropping it off at Heritage West on 43rd and Vliet

        Emailing Maggie with the information, name, address, phone and/or email

        Or dropping off the form at 1219 N. 45th St. in the mail slot

        Sharon Adams, the Director for the Institute for Service Learning at UWM will present the Growing Power used in the Walnut Hill Neighborhood.

        Neighbors will provide snacks (Linda, Betty-Al, Mary).  Harley-Davidson will provide the beverage.

        Door prizes are needed.

        Plan to arrive about 6:15 so we can start on time.

        Hear information about this year's paint and rebate program provided thru the intervention of Alderman Murphy working with Leo Ries.  This all happened after the meeting.


Newsletter should be coming out this next week with more information about the June rummage sale, the location of dumpsters, the young people's art camp and gardening program. 

There are places for rent in the neighborhood and some houses for sale.  We are a solid neighborhood working to improve.                                                          Submitted by Maggie B.