Minutes from the March 13, 2006

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association



Minutes from the March 13 2006

Meeting of the Martin Drive Neighborhood


   Seventeen neighbors were present. 


   The annual meeting planned for May was discussed. Two of our young people, with Sharon Williams, are already involved in the leadership program at Growing Power with Will Allen.  Growing Power may present at the annual meeting this year.


   Martin Drive budget information and suggestions were discussed.  Our newsletters need approximately $1000 per year to print.  Pat M. may have a contact and is waiting for a reply.  Halloween is self-sufficient.  We take in what we spend during the Halloween event.  It was suggest that advertiser be in our newsletters or the web site, a neighborhood activity fundraiser and to ask for donations at the annual meeting were discussed.  Final plans will be made at the April meeting.


    Sharon Williams spoke in the issue of summer activities.  The most exciting possibility is the use of Growing Power.  He delivers produce baskets to the Washington Park Senior Center, once a week by order only.  Growing Power is located at 55th and Silver Sprint.  Milwaukee Urban League Academy of Business and Economics (MULABE) and Making Connections are interested in the program for the youth.  MULABE hopes to have an art camp for the neighborhood kids, which is still in the planning stages.  The Walker program will continue and expand, encouraging neighborhood communication, highlighting possible problem situations, and promoting property upkeep.


    Tasks in the organization and connecting names were identified.  One neighbor concerns was the high incidents of broken car windows recently over several block in the neighborhood affecting both street parked vehicles and those in side driveways.  Remember to keep valuable items out of your cars.  Break in time were identified between 3 and 6 AM.


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