Minutes from the Nov 13, 2006

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association



Minutes for the November 13, 2006 Meeting of the

Martin Drive Neighborhood


We dispensed with introductions because there were only familiar faces attending this meeting.

 Jen V. had given a positive report of the Halloween activity via phone.  We had a good turnout and very few problems.  We can always use more treating homes.  Pat M. stated that we had 220 children registered.  We are all disappointed when people choose not to register their children but expect them to be treated.  We will continue to use a method of recognizing the children who have been registered.  Al reinforced how important adequate security is especially on the Vliet Street end of the treating homes.  Some people had volunteered to be security personnel and did not show up.  In 2005, people did not notify the planning team but showed up anyway.  This was a bonus for the safety issue but the volunteers may have felt less needed.

Alderman Michael Murphy shared some information with us and answered many questions. 

Some of the highlights pertained to the budget process. 

  • Milwaukee has had no increase of shared revenue for the past twelve years. 
  • Teen pregnancy is still way too high which contributes to our crime rate, our under-educated children, families living in poverty, and children of many ages with no focus. 
  • Changing the lack of healthcare for the uninsured is the $500, 000 grant St. Mary's will use to provide the people of Milwaukee with improved care. 
  • The question was raised as to education possibilities for those in prison who will once again be on the outside.  There is a small population at the House of Corrections who are learning a trade.  Alderman Murphy commented on the trade program between MATC, one of the area businesses, and an MPS high school.  That is a sign of hope. 
  • He also reminded us of the law that a home can receive only three nuisance calls in a month before the owner is billed for the police service. 
  • One fact is that 53,000 people drive without a proper license in the city of Milwaukee
  • The 2.5 million dollars that the Potowatami puts in the trust fund for the city will be used to provide moderate housing in the city.  
  • There is possible competition for Time Warner by AT & T.  However, Time Warner needed to make cable available to the entire city and did that by setting up their cable boxes.  A T & T wants to be selective in identifying where they will locate their services.  Time Warner pays the city 3.5 million dollars a year for the privilege of having sole rights to provide cable service.  This is a very complicated issue with many extenuating circumstances. 
  • Michael shared pictures of his new daughter.  There is a wide world out there who needs us.

            Neighbor concerns included hanging the Christmas Ribbons.  I will check with Pete who stored last year's ribbons.  The suggestion was made that we need to speak to our State representatives about issues including the behavior of some young people who visit in the neighborhood and leave behind negative behavior.  Maggie has been in contact with Senator Spencer Coggs office to request his participation in our January meeting.  Maggie will contact the newsletter group to see if they will handle another issue in Jan.

            Two new or almost new shops include Four Corners of the World on 52nd and North which handles fair market items.  Also, RE Store is the surplus shop connected with Habitat for Humanity on Hawley Rd.

Anyone may shop there.  Remember our Vliet Street stores who need our support.

            Their will be no December meeting.  Rather we will gather socially at Enrique's at 1235 N. 45th on Monday, December 11, from 6:00 - 8:00.  Everyone should bring a dish/beverage to pass and a story to share.  Remember you are a member of the Martin Drive Neighborhood organization by virtue of where you live.  Let's get together and enjoy each other's company without the cares of the world.  See you there.


Maggie B.