Minutes from the January 9, 2006  Meeting

 of the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association


Red ribbons set our neighborhood apart and identified us as special need to be removed in a timely fashion.  It is our understanding that Pete H. will keep a supply of ribbons for any of the streets that need such a location as a storage place.  Please contact him concerning this possibility.  Pat M. mentioned that she had purchased quite a number of new ribbons when they were on sale.

Another item of old business was the need to remind neighbors that garbage carts do not need to be taken to the street during the winter.  In fact, they may not remain on the street after the collection has been taken.  Garbage carts left on the sidewalks work just the opposite of the red ribbons.  Cathy M. will write an article for the newsletter reminding neighbors of the city guidelines.

Our winter newsletter will be delivered the end of January.  Anyone wishing to have an article published needs to have the item sent or delivered to Ada by January 25th.

A number of neighbors had contacted me concerning flyers that had been placed in their mailboxes.  His neighbors on 45th Street know of the person, who has been delivering these items.  The activity has been mentioned to the police and to Alderman Murphy's office.  At this point, we choose to try to ignore it but keep in it in the back of our minds.  It would be appropriate if neighbors who are seriously troubled by this activity would contact the supervisor at the Vliet Street Post Office as it is a federal offense to put anything but posted mail in the mailbox.  This could also affect our method of delivering our newsletters or other information to our neighbors.

Pat M. was contacted by Captain Harpole's office concerning his desire to meet with the neighbors in the Martin Drive Neighborhood.  Pat offered to contact the people involved so that we could have this meeting on our regular meeting night of the second Monday in February.  Lois had contacted the people at the MULABE School on 46th and State who graciously offered to let us meet there.  This is called a Meet and Greet the officers of our district and neighborhood.

Maggie asked that we start thinking of our goals for the annual meeting on May 8th.  The suggestions were to have (1.) political groups and (2.) learn about the developments from Marquette and east on State since what happens there, usually ends up effecting our neighborhood.  If you want to have your suggestions heard, please email Maggie or come to the meeting and give your opinions.

Sharon W. urged us to think about summer and what we want it to look and sound like.  Lois and Sharon are working with MULABE to include them in planning summer activities for the kids in our neighborhood.  This information will be on the March agenda.

Good News from our neighbors was the rummage sale in July that will hopefully be moved to June.  The appearance of our neighborhood during the Christmas celebration time attracted many comments from visitors.  Although the party was planned in short order, we appreciated Enrique's efforts to provide neighbors with a location to celebrate Christmas with our Martin Drive Neighbors.  Maybe next year will be bigger and even better.  Our sights were set on the new Highland apartments being built.  This is a good sign that Martin Drive is a desirable location to live.

Maggie thanked the twenty-one people who were able to attend the meeting and offer their thoughts and opinions.  Our next meeting will be February 13th at the MULABE School on 46th and State.