Minutes from the Aug 8 2005 Meeting

 of the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association


Twenty-five neighbors met and greeted each other to start the August meeting.  We had one new neighbor who is looking for a house in the Martin Drive Neighborhood.


Pat Mueller shared with us the updates about an Afternoon in the Park being held this Sunday, August 14 from noon to 4:00.  All neighbors are welcome to enjoy the mini art fair, music, and camaraderie that the event promises to present.  The free concert will make good use of the newly renovated bandshell in Washington Park.  Food will be available for sale.  Bring your grills and blankets and hope for a good weather for this afternoon in the park.  Be sure to check out the Washington "Bark" Dog Day, Aug. 28th from 1:00 - 4:00.


Pat informed us that she had attended a conference concerning the Olmstead Conservancy in Buffalo, New York.  The hope was to learn as much as possible about the private/public support of the parks across our nation.  Generally, attendees developed an understanding of the importance of both groups working together to save our parks.  Pat was encouraged that similar experiences are happening across our country.  Watch for news about new activities utilizing our very own Washington Park.


Sharon has had several meetings with neighbors at her home trying to improve conditions on 43rd Street by getting to know the people who spend the later hours of the day on the street.  There will be a meeting on Monday, August 15, at 6:00 at the Senior Center in Washington Park for the adults living on 43rd Street, the walkers, and other interested neighbors.  It is hoped that all will come to an understanding of what is expected of adults and children who live in this congested area.  Several of the neighbors are trying to organize a block party for August 31 for 43rd Street.


Maggie distributed a flyer relating information about nuisance properties.  All are invited to a meeting on Tuesday, August 30, for training involving nuisance properties in our community.  Carpooling may be a wise decision.  Please contact Maggie if you are interested in attending this event which takes place from 5:00 - 6:30 at Christian Union Church on the corner of N. 39th and W. Garfield.  In the blink of an eye, a property can become a nuisance if neighbors do not work together calling police about the criminal activities.  We all need to be alert and aware of the happenings on our block.


Sharon Williams reported that the All Neighborhood Rummage Sale seemed to be a success with approximately 30 - 35 neighbors selling their goods.  Bradley Realty donated the flags to identify those who had pre-registered.  Pre-registering was only necessary if you wanted some identity of your place being involved.  Gietl Sign Shop on Vliet was hired to print the formal signs placed on Vliet, Highland and Martin DriveSharon said that the event has tripled in size for the same number of years.


Neighbor concerns included information that a white, Pontiac Grand Am perhaps 97 - 98 has been driven through the neighborhood by an underage female with 5-6 young teens hanging out the windows and/or sitting on the moving vehicle.  This is a 911 call if you are a witness to this unlawful activity.  It is our hope to prevent a fatal accident and/or a crippling one.


We also have been notified that we appear to have a "peeping tom" that has made his/her presence known on Martin Drive and possibly the lower portion of 45th St.


Good news came from Nelda who had sent a newsletter to a former neighbor.  This caused the daughter of the former neighbor to come back and check us out by visiting one of our businesses.


Terri is delighted that neighbors are helping to spread the mulch, and clip the small park area on north 46th.  She anticipates another shipment of mulch by the 13th.  Gratitude was expressed for all neighbors who take care of their properties, and are aware of their neighbors.  Next meeting - September 12th - 6:30 - 1219 N. 45th St.