Minutes from the July 11th 2005 Meeting

 of the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association

Twenty-eight neighbors gathered to improve, praise, and express concerns about our neighborhood.  As usual we had new neighbors as well as the seasoned people who have history with this neighborhood including one from 1948 to some from 2005.  We agree that this is a good place to live.  We also recognized that there are problems when people do not respect others.

Some of the neighbors' concerns involved garbage and firecrackers.  (1.) One involved the need to bag garbage rather than just tossing it in the containers.  Bagging, especially tying the bags, prevents losing pieces on the street.  The household people then need to clean up after the garbage pick-up has been through the street.  A neighborhood is labeled by the amount of litter in the gutters.  Simply put, we have no need for litter.  (2.) 45th Street has split garbage days, due to the fact that the city now has combined garbage pick-up.  Trash is supposed to include all items smaller than 2 sofas.  All garbage carts are due back in place within 24 hours of the pickup.  Therefore we are given the night before pickup to the evening of the day of pickup. .  Maggie became rather boisterous about carts being returned immediately to the point of storage.  Maggie promises she will be giving calls to neighbors who leave their carts out more than the 24 hours.  It just really makes the neighborhood look bad for all of us.  (3.) Firecrackers continue to be illegal.  The noise causes unrest and fear as well as the concern of the possibility of a fire resulting from the fall out of the explosive material.

Washington Park was to have an art truck in the park area from noon to four from July 18-22 for kids from 4 - 14 years of age.  Volunteers are needed to assist the people in the truck near the boathouse.  Lois, Pat, Linda and Cathy volunteered to help with this program.

There was a reminder from Pat M. that Jazz in the Park will continue through the month of July.  On August 14th, Afternoon in the Park will be a call to all neighbors to come enjoy this wonderful gem known as Washington Park.  There will be food vendors, artists, and general picnic type activities.  Here is your chance to get to know more neighbors.

Sharon reminded us of the all neighborhood rummage sale for July 23rd from 9 to 1PM.  She will make contact with the participants from the previous two years.  Larry Gietl will make signs for each street plus two large ones for Vliet Street and Highland.

Our next dumpster day will be August 5 between 42nd and 43rd Street.

Ada stated that the newsletter Martin Drive Trolley News was ready for editing with the hope that it would be delivered the week of the meeting.  We are grateful to the small group of people who make this item possible.  They are always looking for more hands and eyes.

*Officer Thomas Kupsik, our community liason, listened and offered informative words of encouragement concerning some of the problems addressed by neighbors.  The City of Milwaukee has a nuisance ordinance that bans loud cars, obnoxious noise after 10:00 in the evening, and loitering with intent to be intimidating.  The number to call during the day to report such negative activity is 935-7733.  The more details the caller presents, the better the chance of change.  However, all of this does take time.  Three calls concerning one address in one month, provides cause for a citation. 

Positive comments included recognition of Ada's birthday, pleasure from the diversity of the people, enjoyment of the fresh cookies, and the wonderful results of the renovation the bandshell.

Our next neighborhood meeting will be August 8th at 1219 N. 45th Street from 6:30 to 7:30.  We will be interested in follow-up on the issues that most troubled neighbors.  See Officer Kupsik's information.*                                                                       

Maggie B. 7-22-05