Minutes from the June 13th 2005 Meeting

 of the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association

We had 30+ neighbors who gathered to learn about the activities that neighbors have been working on knowing that the work would improve our neighborhood. 


Sharon urged neighbors to think of a date for the third rummage sale.  The Martin Drive Neighborhood area wide rummage sale will be July 16th  July 23 (Note Changed date) from 9:00 - 1:00.  This is a fun beneficial way to meet neighbors and to eliminate unneeded items in your house.  Please mention this to any of your neighbors who are not on our e-mail list.  Sharon will make sure that there is an ad in the Journal/Sentinel.  There will also be signs for the Highland Blvd. and Vliet Street that will need to be placed in the front yards rather than in the boulevard properties.  Sharon also mentioned trying to get some common item (flags or balloons) that will distinguish those neighbors who are participating in the rummage sale.


Lois reported on a successful Kids' Day on May 21 at the Urban League School for Economics and Science playground.  Tom Gill performed and encouraged participants to experience using different types of drums.  Tom is hoping that we will make use of his skills again for another possible kid activity.

Betty Siemsen provided craft projects, Rick Nugent showed the kids how to tune-up their bikes, Mike Smithers of MKS Builders donated a used bike and also assisted in that area.  The organizers of Kids' Day are hoping to have older participants for the next time.  The targeted age is 10 - 15 years old.  Giving them something to do that is constructive is the goal while also introducing them to something they may not have experienced.


Tom Gillard had requested that we display Slow Down signs on 45th Street, which are also needed on the other streets as well.  Linda D. will check with Neeskara to see if they have extra signs available and/or knowledge of how to obtain some without having to purchase a hundred for a price break.


Terri B. reported on the progress of the 46th Street park, which already shows signs of improvement.  After the general cleanup, the area along the fence was rototilled, plastic was laid, donated plants were inserted, and city mulch was spread to cover the plastic.  Neighbor Rick N. drew the design.  The team is hoping to place planters along the south side of the area.  Terri suggested having an every other week schedule starting with the second and fourth Saturdays from 9 to noon to keep the area in tiptop condition.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in this effort, as it is one of the  "gateways" to our neighborhood.


Neighbors addressed the problem of noise after hours and loud cars as quality of life issues.  They requested that Alderman Michael Murphy and the police representative be invited to our next meeting, July 11th, that will be held at 1314 N. 43rd Street at 6:30.  Maggie will contact the alderman and Pat D. will contact the police dept.  It is important to keep specific information about the problems so that the people we ask to help us can act on our requests.  Noise has become such a universal problem that there is a website addressing the issue Noise-Off.org.


We discussed the idea of developing a budget to keep track of what we can spend and what our priorities are.  We know that our quarterly newsletter, our Halloween event, ribbons for the Christmas season, our annual rummage sale, and our work with kids are already identified as important to us.  The money that we have available to us came because two of our members took the training through Making Connections.  We are hoping that neighbors will thoughtfully make suggestions keeping those items in mind.


Good news of the neighborhood included the attendance of new neighbors at our meetings.  Another mention was the new lampposts on 45th Street.  Gratitude was expressed for the high turnout of neighbors who enjoyed the cookies.  Submitted by Maggie B.