Minutes from the May 9th 2005 Annual Meeting

 of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association

Pat Sieloff and Al Siemsen were greeters at the sign-in table.  We are grateful to the people and businesses that donated door prizes for the end of the meeting drawing.

Miriam Larson entertained us with guitar music while we waited for everyone's arrival.

Maggie Blaha acknowledged guests who were present as the meeting began about 6:15.  Rep. Tamara Grigsby (who happens to live in our neighborhood), and Alderman Michael Murphy greeted the neighbors. 

Maggie also mentioned that Candy, a neighbor on Martin Drive, took the time and interest to call Miller Brewery concerning the dog problem on the south side of that street.  Candy requested that signs be posted.  Miller responded within a week of the call.

Pat Mueller then explained the setup for the evening.  Neighbors were invited to choose one speaker at the table where the topic pertained to their interest.  Every 12 minutes Pat would stop the group and encourage them to change tables/speakers.  This movement occurred about 4 times.  We are grateful to the presenters who shared their time and knowledge with us.


1.      Alderman Michael Murphy answered neighbors' questions.

2.      Supervisor Lee Holloway and assistant Danielle Bolden shared Park information.

3.      Sharon Williams and Lois Nugent - Youth Activities

4.      Terri Bartlett and Junior - Easy lawn and yard care - introduced the 46th St. Landscape project with responses of help from about ten neighbors

5.      Carl Rewolinski of NHS Milwaukee and Tamara of West End Development - Home Resource Table with information about rebates and low interest loans

6.      Dave Weber of Community Partners - crime prevention through environmental design

7.      Dave Johnson of MDNA - demonstrated his website for the MD neighborhood

8.      Mary Jumes - a property owner on 43rd St. and realtor - helped on Home Ownership

9.      Denise Mueller of City of Milwaukee Landlord Training - how to keep illegal activity out of rental property


About 7:30, we made the door prize announcements.  The following neighbors received the prizes: Carley Fleming, Jenny Miller, Sally Rondinelli, Tom Blaha, Sharon Williams, Linda Devitt, David Rake, Catherine Manske, Rob Alsten and Virginia Rosales.  Maggie also asked for the long time residents to be acknowledged.  Of the 75 people we had many new residents.  Please be sure to make them feel welcome.


        Loud noise and booming cars are not acceptable behavior in the neighborhood. 

        Be ready for the people who are driving so that he/she does not have to beep the horn.  

        Move your garbage carts to the back as soon as possible after pickup. 

        Clean up after your dog. 

        In general, think about your neighbors.

        Everyone passing by enjoys your flowers.


            Sharon Williams announced that she would organize another rummage sale in July.

            Youth Day is May 21st at the school on 46th and State from 11:15 to 2:30.

            Clean up Washington Park Day is May 21st from 8:30 to 11:30.

Our next meeting will be June 13th at 1219 N. 45th Street.  If we are having good weather, please

            bring a lawn chair.


Submitted by Maggie Blaha