Minutes from the April 11, 2005

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood


            We focused on our annual meeting plans as presented by Pat Mueller and Sharon Williams.  The printed sheet of ideas helped us understand the concept of small groups meeting with the person/topic they are most interested in learning.  Pat and Sharon will contact the necessary individuals for the May 9, 2005 annual meeting at Washington Park Senior Center.  All in attendance expressed appreciation to these ladies for encouraging us to adapt to a different forum.

            Our attendance was 27 neighbors.  We welcomed 7 new neighbors who have recently purchased homes in our neighborhood.  The "old timers" showed an upbeat reaction to this news.

            Belle Bergner of Keeping Greater Milwaukee Beautiful brought supplies for the annual clean up scheduled for April 23rd at 8:30.  She shared with us some of the highlights of the organization and its resources.  Participants in the clean-up will each receive passes to the zoo or county pools or other activities supporting the clean up.  Residents are being encouraged to think ahead and place large items on the curb for pick-up during the week of April 25 - 29th.  This is part of the Mayor's Project Clean & Green.  Watch for the door hangers explaining more.

Terri informed us that we are to meet at EAT CAKE on Saturday, April 23rd, at 8:30.

Please bring tools that might be needed for the clean up.  Bags will be provided.  After the clean up we will meet at Enrique's on 45th St. for chili.

            Terri completed the information sharing by telling us that there will be a walk in the park every Saturday from Eat Cake starting at 8:30.  The walk in the neighborhood will be on Thursdays from 7:00 - 8:00.  Anyone and everyone are welcome to join this group.  It will be as successful as you make it by your attendance.  We encourage families with young children to participate.  We would hope that you start the walk wherever you choose but just know that the hope is to connect at some point.

            The Martin Drive Newsletter will be delivered to your homes this week by the following volunteers:  Vliet and Highland - Ada, 42nd and McKinley - Al and Betty, 43rd- needs a volunteer, 44th N - Rob, 44th S- Devitts, 45th S - Carolyn, 45th N - Lois, 46th S and Juneau - Yatesha, 46th N - Tom B., Martin Dr. -Frank, 46th to State - Susan, 47th S - Terri.  Collators will be Sharon, Maggie, Terri, Tom, and Ada.

            We thanked the Milhans for their years of service as the 46th Street reps.  Dale and Beth will be moving to the neighborhood west of us.  It was Beth who suggested the red ribbons several years ago.

            Neighbors made us aware of the irritating sounds of motorcycles revving up.  If you are able to inform the riders that less noise would be appreciated, please do so.

            Several neighbors informed us of the sighting of a doe and her fawn on 45th Street and the surrounding area.

            Pat Mueller reminded us of the Art Walk on Vliet Street on April 29th and 30th. 

Deja Vue will be having music on the 29th at 6:30 and again at 8:00.  Debbie at Eat Cake will be demonstrating decorating at 7:00.  UNICEF will be having a storyteller at 7:00.

            Pat encouraged us to mark August 14th on our calendars as An Afternoon in the Park.  More information will be coming to us.

            ANNUAL MEETING PLANT EXCHANGE - If you have plants that need to be divided, consider bringing the extras to the meeting to share with those who might be able to use them.

Anyone interested in bringing snacks to share is encouraged to do so.

            Reminder- someone left a chair at our house probably in Sept.  If it belongs to you, please come and identify it.