Minutes from the November 14,  2005

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association


The first item on our list was to check for the residents who have lived here the longest. Hopefully, these people will not mind seeing their names in our top ten list.  I wish I could remember the number of years for all of them.  We will keep checking this list and updating as needed or shifting around as people respond.  Now that we have it in print maybe we will be encouraged to search for the neighbors who have been living here so long.  One of our goals is to identify these historians who will share with us their childhood memories of winter activities and even perhaps, the summer ones.

1. Jean K. - since 1922                              6. Betty and Al S.

2. Catherine M. - since 1948                     7. Jim F.

3. Lynn G. - since 1946                             8. Gert P.

4. Frank & Josie K. - since 1955               9. Maggie B. - 1964 and Tom B. - 1971

5. Betty L. - 50+ yrs.                                10. Nelda W. - 1972


Jenny V. and Pat M. declared the Halloween Night of Trick or Treat a complete success with a high number of treating houses and over 175 kids registered.  There were plenty of adult eyes keeping everyone in a festive mood.  The Police Cadets were a compliment to their organization and hopefully gained something from the experience.  Pat M. will be sending them a thank you note.  Pat had requested that they be dropped off at the two ends of the street.  That worked well for them and us.  Sharon suggested that the event be highlighted in the January newsletter.

We identified areas of concern for the past month.  Police calls were made to each street in the neighborhood mostly for robberies or burglaries.  Two or more people from the MDNA will attend the crime stats meeting at the Third District on Nov. 22 at 5:30.  We hope to learn more about these unusual situations.  We do know that two people were arrested in relation to one crime scene.

Sharon W. related the success of the 3 on 3 basketball event held on 43rd St. There were 24 kids signed up and about 20 adults enjoyed the competition which was held on Oct. 15th.  $1.00 was charged for signing up which went towards the light lunch served.

Lois reported the Urban League School on 46th Street would like to be connected to us.  This might mean that they would have their students help with such events as collating the newsletter and counting out the copies for the people who deliver our newsletter.  There was also the suggestion that we ask to use their facility for a Martin Drive event.

Maggie suggested that we keep our eyes on several citywide issues such as the Pabst city area and the possibility of getting a school of public health in Milwaukee.  Neighbors reported that someone connected to Towne Realty has put in a bid for the Pabst city area that will be developed more to the liking of the city officials and the residents.

We commended several of our neighbors for the new projects the owners have undertaken.  Although we know there are many more we expressed our thanks to the owners of the properties at 1170 N. 45th, 1215 N. 45th, 1235 N. 45th, 1262 N. 45th, 1247 N. 45th.  You might note that all of these are on 45th that has Maggie's eyes.  This is not meant to ignore the other neighbors on the many other blocks.  If you would like to recognize your neighbor in a positive manner, email or call Maggie with the info.

We plan to have ribbons out again this Christmas.  If you would have the interest, ability, time or whatever is needed to help with this endeavor, please call or email me so that this could be done in a timely manner.  We certainly hope that the weather will warm enough to allow people to complete this activity without too much discomfort.

Some neighbors brought it to our attention that our Alderman Michael Murphy was commended in the Shepherd Express for being the best alderman in the city.  We already knew that, but it is good for the rest of the city to hear it, too.  It is easy enough to be thankful when our requests are filled.  But we also appreciate Alderman Murphy sharing the broader picture with us when we propose questions to him.

The 20 people in attendance ended the meeting by introducing ourselves and giving a positive comment to send us on our way.  There will be no formal meeting the month of December.