Minutes from the October 10, 2005

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association


The twenty-four people present seemed determined to make the lives of the people in this neighborhood more productive by feeling safer.  We heard reports from any number of people who had experiences to share that were anything but safe.  Here are the recommendations:

        Leave your front and back porch lights on all night.

        Share phone numbers especially on your street so that you can use as a phone tree when there is a question about behavior of people outside your home, cars that do not belong, strange happenings, etc.

        There is strength in numbers.  Think the reverse of "gangs".  It is best if the police are called by more than one person about the same situation.

        We are the best response to our little world.  We are the eyes and ears for the police.  We

            need to give them accurate and precise information.

        Remember that rumors are very damaging to individuals and to the neighborhood.


Halloween flyers are attached to your newsletter.  Katrina and her crew are looking for volunteers to sign up residents on Oct. 19 and Oct. 26 from 6:30 - 8:30 at 4301 W. Vliet.

Saturday, Oct. 22 will also be sign up day for those who can't make it in the evening.  Jennifer will be there on Oct. 19th.  Jim L. and Mary K. offered to be security monitors for Halloween.  Obviously, many more helpers are needed.


Sharon and Lois represented the walking group who decided to make a difference in the lives of the people on 43rd Street as well as the entire neighborhood.  It is important that we remember that no street is better or probably worse than any other street.  Each street has people who could turn around the general appearance of the street and the people who live there.  This is what has occurred on 43rd.  Eight to nine people took turns walking and talking to neighbors.  Sharon, Lois, and Kathy encouraged the walkers from 43rd Street.  This can happen on any other street in the neighborhood.  But it does take courage and determination.


Reminder from the city - To save money in the budget, we have been asked not to rake our leaves until the middle of the month.  That will mean less pick-ups by the city workers.  Some people questioned why we rake.  Any answers will be forwarded.


It appears that there is an effort to cut some of the landlord training allotment from the city budget.  Although we know that Alderman Murphy is very supportive of the training, it might help to call other aldermen to voice your opinions about this item.


Emily notified us of another meeting about nuisance properties that will be on Oct. 25th from 6:00 - 7:30 at 39th and GarfieldMaria asked about having Neighborhood Watch signs for our houses.


There will be a 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament this Saturday at the Urban League School on 46th and State starting at 10:00 until finished.  Volunteers are needed to supervise and encourage fair play.  The young people who wanted this event want the proceeds from this event go to the people affected by Hurricane Katrina.  Call Sharon W. if you can help.


Quest for the resident living the longest in the Martin Drive Neighborhood goes on.  Julia from 43rd Street tallies 66 years in this neighborhood.  Catherine came up with only 57 years.  Call Maggie or email her with your best offer for this important position.


There are several places for rent in the neighborhood.  This venue is great for getting the best people in the right places.  The rummage sale scheduled for Oct. 29th at Washington Park has been cancelled.