Minutes from the July 12, 2004

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association

20+ participants


Meeting was attended by 20+ participants. Everyone received rummage 7/24 reminders on doors.  For those that didn't, (2) there were a few that received them at the meeting.  There was a section of the neighborhood that didn't get there's yet.  There was a problem with fitting over doorknobs, the hole was too small, but they were delivered.


Pat Mueller sent out an e-mail announcing a meeting at the Washington Park boat house with County Park Director, Sue Black, Thursday 7/22 at 6:30.  The NUWP, Neighbors United for Washington Park, plan to present issues such as budget cuts, safety, reduced maintenance.  Please be there to support and participate.


Jacqueline Ward left information (& later when she arrived, spoke about) the HNI, Healthy Neighborhood Initiative, promoting loan money for home improvement.  The loan, up to $3,000. supported by Habitat for Humanity, allows low pay back payments as low as $50.00 a month.  For more information please contact, Jacqueline Ward @ 414-449-9705


Jazz in Washington Park is every Sat. evening at 6:30.  Later when Pat Mueller arrived, she again noted this and added on the 24th, neighborhoods around Washington Park will be meeting in-groups and supporting the event.  A flag will be provided to identify each neighborhood group.  Pat offered to have anyone willing to go to the concert to meet at her place on 43rd and Vliet 6-6:15 p.m. Everyone will walk over together.  Many thought this a good idea, so Pat will arrange to assure we have a flag.


The survey process was discussed.  Most surveyors were not present.  It was noted the time frame of most folks who were present and doing surveys was restricted and challenging.  Surveys were not getting completed and none known were turned in completed.  Surveys were passed out to all present

and filled out.  At least 20 were completed at the meeting.  YEA!  Several more neighbors volunteered to do some.  43rd street is a needed area.  Pat and Al volunteered to help survey that street.  The possibility to pay someone to finish or complete more surveys was brought up.  A small

stipend is allowed in the grant.  Everyone agreed that would be good and that the call would be put out to folks for 1-3 volunteers.  We have 750 households in our neighborhood.  It would be great to do 1/3 of that, but anything over 100 would be accepted.  If we want to build community, we

have to include community.  The more surveys we obtain, the better focused our survey results and the more we can know and meet the needs of our community.  (FYI, Making Connections just finished doing a survey of 750 people and completed the process!)  Terri has received a review form, which evaluates the first part/this part of the grant awarded and finds this difficult to do with so little

results.  At the same time, she has also received the form for the second part of the grant process to complete!  This will award 1-2 thousand dollars.


Terri asked if she should fill out the grant for the Halloween/Christmas event or wait for the survey results.  Discussion held and the decision was to wait for the survey results.  This supported the need and importance to complete the survey.  The money granted to the neighborhood is based on a grant written, submitted and Making Connections accepted.  Making Connections is very complimentary of the Martin Drive neighborhood and what they have accomplished, outside of Sharon and Terri's participation in the on going classes.  Bob Clark, the Director, is always using Martin Drive as an example.  The survey and everything attached to it is based on following the written grant plan.

We are a month behind the time line, but if we can finish the surveys, review and have a final buffet meal to review the results by the end of August, we'll be on time.  At that meeting the plan is to break into focus groups that will work on the top#? concerns.  Money requested & grant written will depend on results of the survey process.  Making Connections classes will resume in mid September.  At that time the second part of the grant will be due and can be written.  Volunteers were recruited to begin working on the buffet meal in August, 2nd/3rd week.  Volunteers: Sara Schooley will chair, Michelle Feldman, Lois Nugent, Ada Rouse, Linda Hanig to assist.


Tamara spoke about running for the office of state assembly.  Lena Taylor is running for a state senate seat.


Michael Murphy:

        Martin Drive neighborhood property values continue to go up and property is selling quickly.  It is a desirable area.  Crimes were less than his other districts/last year?  (Sorry, I missed the ending of this.  The important thing is they're better!)

        Highlander Cafe is switching owners in Sept.  It should not change service just owners. (FROM AN EMAIL NOTE A Clarification:  Highland Park Pies has not been sold.  Michael Murphy was referring to the Highlander Cafe on 59th & Vliet Street as changing hands and being purchased by an employee.  )

        July 20th, a zoning hearing will discuss and decide whether a radio repair shop on 59th and Vliet can increase the radio tower to a more powerful, larger one.  At first the neighbors accepted it, but some are finding opposition.

        City Budget is coming up.  There are 6 hearings, one in the evening and in the past, they were poorly attended.  There are 25 million in cuts.  The Mayor promised tax freeze.  Meeting dates will be in Michael Murphy's newsletter.

        The Day care moving into the Curative Building was questioned, Michael noted, although, not in his district, he would check.

        The Toxic waste spill was brought up.  Michael stated they do have a proper permit and no danger was found.  Pat and Sue toured the facility and stated they found it comfortably safe.

        Property on 46th and Vliet was questioned for condition.  It is not being attended.  Michael agreed and noted it was the county's responsibility, but $ cuts and rain have put them behind.

Ladette Austin, Assistant to Chairman Lee Holloway, noted that she was trying to get answers on that piece of property, but as of yet has heard no responses.  She plans to continue trying and looking into options to change the property into a flower garden.

        Several concerns were brought forth about brush not being picked up and more than several calls being made by several folks.  Michael and Ladette noted they need to have specific addresses because they have been accused of picking up items that were not suppose to be picked up even if it looked like they should.  If a pile of brush is on the corner, the # on the street lamp should be used to call in it's location.

        Someone asked about the Martin Drive Web site.  Al will talk to David Johnson /list server/ West End.  Maggie will also.  It was everyone belief the newsletter and monthly minutes could also be posted.  We should be using this more: houses for sale/ rummage sale etc. 

        The question presented was if the newsletter should be pursued more than once a year.  Consensus was yes.  Ada said she would be happy to do it.  The next newsletter should be done for Sept. print (?).  Anyone with anything should submit to Ada throughout July and mid Aug.

        We had three new/renewed neighbors: Lois Nugent from 45th St. My apologies to Rob Alsten, 44th St. attended later in meeting, who also is a new MD resident and first time attendee.  He promised to return!  Rose Onama, 46th St, also new, works with Washington Park Intergenerational program.  Also has/is working with  Milwaukee Public Schools, the Bader

Foundation, and UW Extension etc.  Works with youth 6-17, and is looking forward to helping the neighborhood group.

        A representative (I'm sorry, I didn't write her name and she didn't sign in.  I don't know how that happened!)  of the Milwaukee Urban League School of Business and Education came to announce they are taking over the State Street school/YMCA and focusing on 6-7& 8th graders.  They would love to work with the MD neighborhood.  Rose & she shared after the meeting.  (Could this have been Lois Nugent who is connected to that school project?)



Sue brought up an incident she saw.  Several weeks ago some teens were stopping traffic on 43rd & Vliet, as they were beating up a teen.  Someone finally got out of a car and everyone dispersed including the teen with his girlfriend.  This was about 5:30-6:00 p.m. on a weekday.


Al brought up the observation that there are many Hmong in our neighborhood and we should be reaching out to them.  Everyone agreed.  They're many nationalities in our MDN.  We are virtually a melting pot.  Something we should embrace.


If I have forgotten anything or you know a fact I have forgotten, please e-mail me.  I am not a secretary and often forget I'm supposed to be writing.


Everyone agreed to meet in August to again, review survey and more. Next meeting will be August 9th at 6:30pm                                                                     Submitted by Terri Bartlett