Minutes from the May 10, 2004

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood

Pat Mueller was thanked for having arranged for our group of 70+ people to meet at Stella's spa. Everyone seemed to pitch in and help stack up chairs and clean up refreshments so that we could all leave the property as we found it.

Pat Devitt arranged to have our new Third District police Captain R. Oliva in attendance.  Captain Oliva received several positive comments from the neighbors.  He then addressed the crime stats that reported one car theft in the past five weeks prior to the meeting.  He recognized the efforts of the people in Martin Drive who are aware of their neighbors, and report any troublesome behavior.

Alderman Michael Murphy thanked those present for voting him into office for his 16th year.  He will be driving through the neighborhood with a building inspector and identify properties that are not being properly taken care of.  These residents will be receiving citations.  Alderman Murphy has been very supportive of neighbors' who work to keep up their properties and maintain their yards.  The alderman's aide, Jessica, was requested to take to Alderman Murphy some of the later responses concerning ideas about speeders and use of cameras.  It seems that we complain monthly to the alderman about a speeding problem.

Ladette Austin initially spoke for Supervisor Lee Holloway who was ill.  His district boundaries are Keefe to the Stadium, and 27th to 60th.  We were reminded that the County government is required to deal with the parks, transportation, health and human services.  When the Supervisor came later in the evening, he reminded people to call him about any of their concerns so that the Board does the work of the voters.  They also supplied printed cards to encourage neighbors to address any issues with Supervisor Holloway.  Several neighbors stated their frustrations over the kind of maintenance in Washington Park.  We want our parks to receive proper care, the kind we could give a priceless jewel.

Our surprise guest, Mayor Tom Barrett, spoke about the development in the old Park East freeway area, the Harley museum, and the budget concerns.  Several neighbors expressed the desire to see the Harley museum in the old Transport building on Highland.

David Weber from Community Partners connected with us again.  David's goals are to make our city safer especially in the area to our east, which impacts on our quality of life as well as the lives of the people in those neighborhoods.  He delivered pamphlets stating ways to deal with unlicensed cars, apparent houses dealing with drugs, and prostitution.  David also donated several car clubs to be used to discourage car thefts.

Terri Bartlett and Sharon Williams reported on the workshops they are attending through Making Connections.  We were asked to work in groups of five, to determine goals that we thought would be important for the Martin Drive Neighborhood.  Terri and Sharon are going to use that information to develop a plan.  Jacqueline Ward distributed information explaining the NHS Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative Neighborhood Reinvestment Fund.

Pat Mueller presented Frank Kopenski with a plaque as the Volunteer of the Year award in the Martin Drive Neighborhood.  NHS through the MDN association recognized Frank, for his persistence in eliminating graffiti in the MDN by his constant watchfulness.  In the past, Frank also encouraged other neighbors to become involved in their blocks.

Martin Drive Neighborhood will again have a rummage sale on Saturday, July 24th, from 8:00 to 3:00 P.M.  Sharon Williams is coordinating this activity.  Just start collecting the items you no longer need and hope for good weather.  Contact Sharon if you are able to help with signs or delivering flyers.

Maggie thanked all who make the neighborhood better, those who come to meetings, those who volunteer in small things and some of those bigger things, those who accept responsibility for keeping up their homes and yards, who pick up litter, and those who don't add to the litter problem.  A neighborhood is known by the cleanliness of its gutters.

Other reminders are: to use the dumpsters, (schedule was in the green Neighborhood News), Neighborhood Clean-up Day is June 12, next meeting is June 14th at 6:30.  Watch for the signs.