Minutes from the April 5, 2004

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association

Sara Schooley arranged the agenda and distributed copies to the people attending the meeting. 


Alderman Michael Murphy:

After the introduction of the neighbors, Alderman Michael Murphy addressed his constituents.

He thanked the neighbor who notified him of the parking problems on 42nd Street, which have been cleared up. 

Bob Stein is developing a new apartment building on Highland Blvd.  There is no federal money involved.  Mr. Stein is a private investor.  Quotes on one-bedroom apartments are listed as $700.  Alderman Murphy informed us of his involvement with the Dept. of Public Instruction concerning the demise of the Mandella School of Science and Math.  We are hoping the YWCA, which owns the school building, will carefully and wisely choose the next tenant.  Michael also reminded us to vote on Tuesday, April 6.  He also asked us to be patient with the poll workers.  He reminded us that we could volunteer for work at the polls.  Those interested should contact him.  Maggie did.


Karen Spencer, the present owner of Déjà vu Consignments, at 1743 N. Martin Luther King Drive, presented her vision for the store to be relocated to 4311-15 W. Vliet Street.  She needs more space than the present location affords her.  Karen collects materials from estate sales and other consigners who come to her.  Ms. Spencer also refinishes and repairs any furniture that might need that kind of tender loving care before being ready for a new owner.  Karen expects to have her new shop open by August 1st.  All of the members, in attendance, expressed their enthusiasm in a welcoming manner to this energetic shop owner.

Martin Drive Neighborhood News:

Ada Rouse is looking for articles from the neighbors to be placed in the spring edition of the Martin Drive Neighborhood News.  If you have something that you think might work, send it to Ada: adarouse@msn.com.

Ada should have all articles by Saturday, April 17, 2004.  We will have about 600 newsletters to distribute.  The following people volunteered to distribute this information.

            Pat and Linda Devitt - south of Juneau on 44th Street and Martin Drive

            Terri Bartlett - McKinley and 42nd Street                        Pat Sieloff - north of Juneau on 44th St.

            Ada Rouse - Vliet and Highland                                     Pat Mueller - Apts. on Martin Drive

            Margaret Bowe Bonvicini - 43rd St. and Juneau             Elaine and Enrique - 45th St.

            Linda Hanig - south of Juneau on 46th St.                      Tom Blaha - north of Juneau on 46th St.


Sara handed out copies of voting locations.


Making Connections:

Sharon Williams and Terri Bartlett are our representatives on Making Connections.  They are attending classes/workshops and will be reporting back to us.  They are looking for some goals that we would be interested in for our neighborhood.  They will be including a survey in the MDN News.  We are hoping to have some time for a presentation at the Annual Meeting in May.  Greta, Jacqueline, Sharon and Linda are working on the survey.


Planning for the Annual Meeting: May 10, 2004    6:15 to 7:45 P. M.

Terri Bartlett will contact the Washington Park Senior Center

Guest Speakers:  Pat Sieloff will contact our new Mayor Tom Barrett, Al Siemsen will contact our new county supervisor, Lee Holloway (redistricting), Pat Devitt will contact our new police chief, Nan Hagerty, Linda contacted David Weber and he will be coming.

Donations are as follows:

            Coffee - Maggie                                               Lemonade - Devitts

            Paper Products - Candy P.                               Door Prizes - Pat Mueller

            Snacks - Nelda Womack, Katrina Knight, Mary Kretlow, Beverly Allen

            Thank you notes will be sent by the contact people. Sign - in Sheets will be handled by Pat Sieloff.





Negative comments:

1. A report of lead glass windows being stolen from a home in the MDN,

2. Gunshots on 43rd again.  We need more info from neighbors on this.

3. Litter - Al will check with a city agency for some ideas, 

4. Frank Kopenski will call about garbage on the entrance and exit of expressway for Vliet/State.



Positive comments:

1.We will have a clean-up day for the entire neighborhood.  Each block will supply their own workers on

June 12 from 10:00 - 12:00.  Please put this on your calendars and get out and meet your neighbors.  We will have three dumpsters in the neighborhood that week-end.

2.We will have another rummage sale in July.  Start collecting and gathering now.

3. There will be a farewell to Captain Frankovics on April 20th at O'Brien's.  He worked hard for all of us.


Submitted by:  Maggie Blaha   4/9/04



Note to contact people:  Please get back to me about your person and the positive or negative response.