Minutes from the November 8, 2004

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood Association


We welcomed one new neighbor, Aliza.  We numbered 25 this meeting. 


Maggie notified us that we received requests for information from three different groups. 

1. Sandie Hines of the Lutheran Social Services requested that people from our neighborhood consider becoming Foster Parents due to the great need.  Sandie or someone from her organization will meet with us in January.


2. Leo Ries contacted us by e-mail to ask us to endorse the Milwaukee Housing Trust Fund.  Consensus was to respond affirmatively.  We will notify Alderman Murphy of our approval of this Fund, which will provide affordable housing for the people of Milwaukee who are renters, homeless families, individuals and low-moderate income home owners. 


3. Michael Campbell invited us to become part of a feature entitled "The People in Your Neighborhood".  Jacqueline Ward assured us that she had checked out the site and verified that it was on the level.  Maggie will respond to all three of these groups.


4. We received advance notice that the NAACP will be hosting their convention in Milwaukee from July 9th - July 14th.  We will support the red carpet treatment of this group.


   Terri B. contacted Bob Clark from Making Connections about neighbors wishing to beautify the two triangular parcels of land bordering the south and north portions of 46th Street.

    It appears that materials (flowers, plants) may be made available but we first need to find people who will be the guardians of care for these two areas.  The triangle abuts the entrance to the 41 expressway on the south end of 46th and Martin DriveIt would be a matter of keeping the litter cleaned up and keeping the planted materials alive.  For the north portion it borders a home on the west side and involves a portion of a sidewalk.  We want to stipulate that the city would still need to remove snow from the sidewalk.  However, we have visions of a sitting area and plants placed in such a manner that would appeal to people who might want to rest a minute and view the world.  Perhaps it would be called "Stop and smell the flowers". 

    Please take note: We are hoping that someone from 46th would adopt this program as their effort to improve the Martin Drive Neighborhood.  We anticipate that this would be a great opportunity for some of our younger members to show their pride in their neighborhood.  Terri can be contacted  or Maggie if interested in volunteering for this program.  Pat Devitt will review the permit provided by the County.


The balance of the meeting time was spent putting into action the information received from the survey.  Sharon Williams will keep this moving.  The following people volunteered for these activities: 

1. People needing reminders to take care of their property - Pat D., Linda D., Frank, and Nelda

2. Noise/Drugs - Emily, Pat M., Terri

3. Youth - Sharon, Aliza, possibly Rose O., and Katrina

4. Newsletter - Ada, Linda H.,

5. History - Catherine, Maggie and Lynn (?)

6. Fun -Enrique, Jacquelyn, Pat M., Diane S.


These groups are to meet over the next few weeks, come back with some ideas, activities, projects etc.

with suggestions and processes for implementing, timelines, and lists of "needs."


Some other thoughts for the new year are (1.) new neighbor packets, (2.) neighborhood "yellow pages"

Sharon Williams will check with MULABE to use the school for the Dec. 13th meeting???


Our next working/business meeting will be January 10, 2005.  If you have ideas or issues, please let us know.  We would like to have the appropriate, helpful, public figures attend the meeting.


Submitted by Maggie Blaha                 11/13/04                         Call or e-mail me with corrections.