Minutes from the October 11, 2004

Meeting of Martin Drive Neighborhood

    We welcomed over 55 people, probably 60 counting the kids.  That means that we did have some new people which always pleases us especially when the faithful ones continue to come and be counted.  Our meat was provided by Cash and Carry which seemed to be a good choice.  The rest of the meal was provided by the good cooks in the neighborhood.  I do believe everyone went away with a good feeling from the food and company.
    We do thank the following people for making all this possible.  Supervisor Lee Holloway, and his assistant, Ladette Austin, who did the work to procure the facility at Washington park. 

Terri and Sharon led us in a table discussion period concerning the information learned from the recent surveys.  We picked two concerns and listed ideas and /or activities that our block area could do to affect these two concerns.  We talked about what we needed to accomplish our group's ideas.  We look forward to learning more about the power each block has to create the environment that the people of this neighborhood want to live in.  Bob Clark and Todd Clausen from Making Connections were in attendance and were very affirming of our efforts to make our neighborhood a good place to live.  Some concerns about the neighborhood that were mentioned:

Halloween - Katrina reminded us that we need to sign up if we want our children to participate in the Trick or Treat Night on
    Oct. 29.  Katrina has been doing this event since it was started probably 12 yrs. ago.  Please be mindful of the requests that
    she makes.  It causes us to have a safe, fun, and memorable event for out kids.  Registration takes place at 43rd & Vliet.

We need to say good-bye to Ladette Austin who has been Supervisor Lee Holloway's assistant.  She introduced us to the new assistant, Danielle Bolden.  We are grateful for the attention that Ladette has given to the Martin Drive Neighborhood.  We trust that the neighbors will be helpful to Danielle especially while she is learning about the new position.

The Milwaukee Housing Trust Fund coordinator, Leo Ries, has contacted the neighborhood and asked for our attention to help them get a foot hold in the Milwaukee area.  This organization has been started in several cities across the country.  Be ready to learn more about this program at our next meeting on Nov. 11th.

Get out to Vote!!!   Tuesday, November 2, is a very important day for Milwaukee and our country.  Please use your freedoms which so many have paid so dearly for.

Please watch out for your neighbors. 

Have a good month.  Happy Halloween!